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Portable Aromatherapy

In an attempt to deal with the stress of everyday city life, many of us make it a point to get away once in awhile and spend some time in a serene location. I think it is a good and necessary practice to go camping, fishing, hunting (if your state allows it), hiking, or maybe just finding a quiet place to watch the sun set every once in awhile. The whole idea is to remove the body from the chaos of urban living long enough to relax the mind and recharge the spirit. But sometimes we cannot get away for any significant length of time because of work and family and other responsibilities that consume our busy schedules. Tobacco and other herbs can provide a means relaxation for even the busiest person; using vaporizer technology avoids combustion and is less harmful than smoke.

Some people fill their bedrooms with candles and incense, build shrines to Buddha, and meditate while listening to sounds of the rain forest. Others prefer yoga and similar stretching exercises that require a high level of mental involvement. Smoking is another pastime that many individuals enjoy for the sake of relaxation. For those of you who smoke, I recommend the Iolite Vaporizer; use this portable vaporizer for tobacco and herbs and take your relaxation with you wherever you go.

No larger than a Blackberry or an iPhone, the iolite Portable Vaporizer is not your typical vaping machine. Its hand held design and patented flameless gas catalytic heater is super convenient and extremely effective; In fact, the Iolite technology gives you one of the healthiest vaporizing experience out of all other portable devices on the market today, and once ignited it will reach vaporizing temperature in less than one minute! That is much quicker than your typical full size, plug-in-the-wall vape.

Stress is not good for your health, and turning to an unhealthy habit like smoking or drinking to relieve that stress will only add to your troubles. If you have never tried a vape you should give it a shot with the new Iolite Portable Vaporizer. And if you are already familiar with vapor but are not happy with your current machine, check out and see about upgrading your equipment.

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