Customer Reviews

Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

I have had mine for about a month now, wouldn't vaporize any other way.I love the mouth peice it ho...
Date Added: 03/29/2010 chris k

Vapman Vaporizer

Great Product!!! Might seem expensive for a butane powered Vaporizer, but it's worth every penny. I ...
Date Added: 03/11/2010 Wei X

Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

Just received mine yesterday, so far so good! Did the research (read the forums, did the infinite go...
Date Added: 01/29/2010 Anthony H

Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

ive had vapir one in a couple of versions and couple other vaporizer models...sure will be glad when...
Date Added: 12/31/2009 holly g

Purple Days Vaporizer

This vaporizer does the one thing very well. It is simple and foolproof. I have owned two other vapo...
Date Added: 12/09/2009 Michelle L

O2 Oxygen Mini Portable Vaporizer V4.0 + Re-Chargeble Battery

Best thing I ever did! by borednowbvs, Mar 05 '09 I got my personal Vapir about four months ago....
Date Added: 03/05/2009 Greg T

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