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Da Buddha Vaporizer
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January 20, 2010 Da Buddha Vaporizer DBV

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is the second model introduced by 7th Floor, and offers a less expensive alternative to their popular Silver Surfer Vaporizer. The Da Buddha has the same electrical components as the Silver Surfer, and is produced at a lower cost due to a simpler housing that requires less production time, an acrylic base instead of powder coated metal, and a simple plastic control knob, in place of the hand blown glass knob on the Surfer. While a hands free, ground glass connection is available on the Surfer as an option, the Da Buddha comes standard with a hands free setup and uses a horizontal angle for the whip/heater cover interface. The housing color is silver with black available for an extra $20. The acrylic base is black. A quality carry/storage bag is also included.

Pros and Cons

Pros :

  • Sturdy aluminum housing.
  • While the smaller, round base doesnít provide quite the stability of the Surfer, it will easily stay in place during use and is likely to survive a fall from tabletop to floor.
  • The horizontal connection for the whip is convenient and your herbs or tobacco stay in place unless thereís accidental blowback into the heater cover.
  • Both 120V and 220V versions are available.
  • The vapor path is isolated to the heater cover and avoids all electronic components.
  • Custom glass is available for knobs, heater covers, wands and mouthpieces.
  • Accessories include an Aroma Top, Essential Oil Nebulizer, and custom glass items for water filtration.


  • Standard whip connection is not available. Hands free only.
  • No temperature indicator.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Da Buddha is priced competitively with other quality analog whip vapes, and shares most of the same heavy duty construction and materials that have set the Silver Surfer apart from other models. Considering it uses the same time tested electrical design and components as the Surfer, I consider Da Buddha to be a real bargain for the money.

Design :

Da Buddha, like the Surfer, is based on the wooden box whip design. Advancements over that basic design include the heavy metal housing, ergonomic improvement, and a vapor path isolated from the electrical components. DBV is about the same height and weight as the Surfer, but with its more straight up design and smaller base, it has a slightly smaller footprint. Aside from the whip angle and hands free connection, itís very similar in use to the SSV, with the biggest difference being the larger diameter of the vapor stream entering the whip. Although a slightly higher vapor to air ratio is possible with the Surfer, vapor draws are smooth and more predictable with Da Buddha. The temp control can take this vape way past combustion point, so you need to be careful where you set the dial, but the high temp capability allows you to get good vapor with hard and fast draws, if thatís your preferred vaping style.

Cleaning :

As with the Surfer, the wand will need the most frequent cleaning. The heater cover can also be removed and cleaned, although that shouldnít be necessary unless thereís been some material blown back† into it from the wand. Tubing can be used even after accumulating a good bit of vapor residue, but can also be easily replaced as itís quite affordable from 7th Floor, especially in 10-20í lengths.† Itís always a good idea to buy extra screens and tubing with your DBV purchase, since youíll need them and itíll save you shipping costs. I also recommend getting an extra wand, in case of accidents and to make switching to a clean one quick and easy.

Included with every Da Buddha:

  • Da Buddha 120v or 220 volt unit. Please say in comments if you want the 220 volt.
  • FREE hand made glass marble pick
  • Standard whip (includes standard PYREX quick change wand and food grade vinyl tube)
  • FREE Hemp Storage Bag. This bag is nice, and very well padded.
  • 3 FREE screens for your wand.
  • Instruction manual and 3 year warranty. With Life Time Warranty on Labor.

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