Da Buddha Vaporizer
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Da Buddha Vaporizer

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Da Buddha Vaporizer is an extremely unique and highly efficient aromatherapy vaporizer that combines the best in vapor technology with sleek urban construction that one might only find in the USA. Its aluminum cylinder frame gives this unit an industrial, post-modern appearance that is both stylish and functional. You donít need flashy colors and shiny lights for a vaporizer to be effective. This device is 100% user friendly with a simple design that is the epitome of ergonomic genius. The power and temperature control is one knob so it is very easy to turn on and off as well as set it to the desired temperature.

Da Buddha Vaporizer is a fan-less unit which makes it super quiet and gives you total control over the vapor, using your own breath to draw it from the filling chamber. Less moving parts can mean a longer life for your unit. If there is no fan, then obviously the fan wonít break or need to be replaced! Since your own breath controls the flow of vapor, you decide the size and speed of each inhalation, which maximizes efficiency. The air intake is separate from the electronics; Da Buddha Vaporizerís stay cool design ensures that your vapor is not too hot when you inhale. With a quality ceramic heating element and a 3 year warranty, youíve got a sturdy device that was built with quality in mind by a company that is willing to stand behind its product.

  • Built and designed in America
  • Quality Ceramic Heater
  • Super Tough Aluminum Housing
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature
  • Easy Change Screen
  • Ground Glass Hands Free
  • Air Intake is Separated from Electronics
  • Stay Cool Design
  • FREE Storage Bag
Package Includes
  • Da Buddha 120v unit.
  • Standard whip (includes standard PYREX quick change wand and food grade vinyl tube)
  • FREE Storage Bag. This bag is nice, and very well padded.
  • 3 FREE screens for your wand!
  • Instruction manual and 3 year warranty! With Life Time Warranty on Labor!

  • Manufactured by: 7th Floor

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