Vapolution Vaporizer
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Vapolution Vaporizer


The Vapolution Vaporizer is the first ever glass on glass vape and it has been getting some great reviews from vapor enthusiasts. Unlike most units that use a standard ceramic heating element, Vapolution has employed an all glass heating element and bowl that creates an entirely new vaporizer experience. Since your biomass does not come into contact with any metal or ceramic heating elements, the resulting vapor will not be tainted with any metallic aftertaste and the risk of overheating can be much less with the use of glass as opposed to other materials.

The Glass Vaporizer is often considered to be among the high end devices, and for good reason. Some exposed ceramic heating elements have been known to maintain very high temperatures for extended periods of time, creating a concern for many users. The glass on glass design ensures that none of the exposed surfaces will become dangerously hot. You do not need to worry about buying metal screens for this unit, because the glass on glass method does not require them!

While the Vapolution Vaporizer is not quite as slender as some other portable vaporizer models, it scores big points with users because of its versatility and adaptability. This unit can plug into a standard wall outlet and it also comes with a car adapter for super convenient on the go use! The Vapolution Vaporizer does not have one of those tiny little attached mouthpiece, instead it uses 3.5 foot food grade whips. This way your face is nowhere near the heating element as you inhale.

Super easy to use, this model was definitely designed by a practical mind. Its sturdy construction and hands free design are perfect for any vapor enthusiast. There is an optional battery pack and charger that is available to be purchased as an accessory. It is not necessary for operation, but if you are the outdoors type and donít have access to a electrical source then you might want to consider this cordless accessory option.

All Glass Means Pure Vapor!!!
  • No grinding
  • No stirring
  • All glass heater
  • Temperature control
  • 4 minute start up time
  • No hot exposed surfaces
  • Silent and hands free
Package Includes:
  • 1 Glass Convection Vaporizer
  • 2 Foodgrade Whips
  • 2 Glass Bowls (med & lg)
  • 1 12VDC Power Supply
  • 1 Car Adaptor


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  • Manufactured by: Vapolution

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