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One of the biggest health factors with smoking is the fact that smoke contains harmful carcinogenic tar. Vaporizers not only remove tar and smoke, they also transfer more of the active ingredients.

Because the smoke is removed, and only virtually transparent vapor remains, first time users often are perplexed by this system. After a couple of uses, it becomes clear that the clinical tests for this product have all been true. Vaporizers have eliminated the number one health concern associated with smoking!

The primary requirement of a vaporizer is the capacity to maintain the temperature just above the point of vaporization in order to obtain an optimum level of both efficiency and flavor, along with minimized production of harmful substances.

Other important points are the greatest level of safety for the user, ease of operation, and inhalation which is separate from the vaporizing process. The Volcano solves the problem of hot air generation by employing an astoundingly simple principle: the air is pumped from a large heated base through a smaller opening and with the right air flow and dimensions, this Volcano shape thus inevitably assumes a constant flow of the desired temperature. A diaphragm pump ensures that the air flow remains constant, and volumetric flow fluctuations are ruled out with careful design.

This functions so effectively that electronic controls can be dispensed with. A bimetallic control mechanism is sufficient to ensure a maximum air temperature fluctuation of +-4C in the filling chamber. This means that the Volcano has the most accurate temperature control of all vaporizers.

The complete electric set-up of the Volcano has been kept as simple and robust as possible, and only proven components are used to ensure an unproblematic reliable operation and a long life of the product.

A main distinguishing feature of the Volcano is the patented valve balloon into which the vapor generated is pumped. The valve balloon can be completely detached from the device after filling and the contents inhaled at the user's ease. This ensures that the application is absolutely safe, as vaporization occurs previously and the user does not come into contact with glass, heat or electricity during inhalation.

This device is manufactured in Tuttlingen, a town in Southern Germany which is regarded internationally as the centre of medical technology. The know-how in the area of medical technology which is available in this town has already been utilized in the development phase of the Volcano and makes this vaporizer the first choice for discerning users.

The Volcano is designed to heat material to temperatures of 130 to 230 C (266 to 446 F) where medically active vapors are produced, but below the threshold of combustion where smoke is formed.

In tests, the vapors from the Volcano have always been found to consist overwhelmingly of the major active components, whereas the combusted smoke contains over 100 other additional chemicals, including several poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), carcinogenic toxins that are common in smoke.

One intriguing, underlying question that helps fuel development of this device is whether the respiratory hazards of tobacco smoke are primarily due to toxic byproducts of combustion, not the active ingredients in the plant. The early studies suggests that many of the respiratory hazards of smoking tobacco can be eliminated. The Volcano appears to significantly reduce many of the hazards vs, smoking tobacco, but more studies are needed to clearly understand hazards of using tobacco in the Volcano vs smoking tobacco. Therefore, no claims are made as to the advisability or safety of using tobacco in the Volcano. We recommend extreme caution.

Considering preliminary studies and experience, a vaporizer similar to the Volcano may also eventually represent a superior alternative to the nicotine patch, although study of this application has never sustained any momentum. Note that the Volcano Vaporizer is a consumer product. The Volcano is not a medical device and is not FDA approved.

The Volcano may reduce harmful toxins from smoke, as well as reduce potential toxins from a wide variety of other medicinal and herbal substances. However only recently have studies analyzed the gas phase of the vapor for a wide range of toxins from various types of plants. Research is therefore only in its fundamental stages.

Tests do already indicate that the Volcano completely eliminates three specific toxins present in tobacco smoke (naphthalene, benzene, and toluene) in the solid phase of smoke vapor. The studies used a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GCMS) to examine the gas components of the vapor.

Early tests also indicate that the Volcano is effective for much more than tobacco and simple herbs. The device shows potential as an alternative for transfer of not only plant materials but also a wide range of medicinal compounds.

Vapor (gas) has long been accepted as an effective means for transfer of several kinds of medicinal compounds. The Volcano provides the most basic and inexpensive way for accurately turning compounds into gas. More advanced methods of heat control and density control over the vaporized materials will surely follow in the footsteps of the Volcano.

The Volcano is also excellent for releasing aroma's and aromatic flavoring from spices, potpourri style plant materials, or incenses. The Volcano releases the pure aromatic essence of the spice or other essential oils or plant materials which can potentially be used for a wide variety of applications from flavoring foods to creating aroma's for ambience or air freshening. The unique feature of the Volcano in these applications is the purity of vapor transferred. Other devices can't produce the same level of purity.

In summary, the Volcano uses a basic principal of heating and blowing air to create vapor, but takes the precision of heat control to a level previously unknown. The basic technique mastered by the Volcano allows for a wide range of potential applications.

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