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In addition to smoking cessation, aromatherapy has many other benefits that are recognized in holistic circles. Over the years, pharmaceutical companies have developed thousands of new drugs, the long-term effects of which are highly unknown. While most of the chemical compounds used to make these are drugs are based on some naturally occurring plant or herb, the drug companies sometimes tamper with nature a little too much, adding binders and fillers, and finding cheaper ways to mass produce the chemicals and sell them to consumers. As a tea drinker, aromatherapy advocate, and overall herbal enthusiast, I think it is important to get back to the basics and use what nature provides to heal ourselves whenever possible. Science and medicine have their place in our modern society, but we tend to rely on them too heavily at times and as result we neglect the natural power found in many herbs and spices.

Drug companies are quick to list the many side effects of their new wonder drug, but do we ever stop to think that there might be an herbal natural solution that could have little or no side effects? herbalAire is a company that believes in the benefits of aromatherapy with the use of a vaporizer. With your herbalAire Vaporizer, you can use herbs to help with everything from anxiety and mood disorders to other physical problems. Muscle pain, digestive problems, depression, flu symptoms, insomnia and many other ailments may be addressed naturally in some cases. To get started with aromatherapy all you need is a vaporizer or essential oil diffuser along with some herbs and spices. You may be surprised at how many symptoms respond to aromatherapy, and you might be relieved at the possibility of not filling your body with so many potentially harmful chemicals found in over the counter medications and prescription drugs.

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