How To Use Hands Free Vaporizers

Enjoy smoke free aromatherapy with your Hands free vaporizer

More and more public places are becoming smoke free and for good reason. With healthcare at the top of our nation’s growing list of priorities, many individuals have become increasingly aware of their personal health and are looking for ways to improve their well-being and overall quality of life. Smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits anyone can have and each year many try to quit but are unsuccessful. Plenty of smart people have made the switch to vapor and are enjoying improved lung function and higher energy levels. What if you could stop smoking but still enjoy the relaxing hobby of aromatherapy? Well, you can and you should!

If you have never tried using a vaporizer, then you are probably under the impression that it is a difficult and complicated process. The tubes, the dials, the digital displays and other accessories make it seem more like a science project than a relaxing activity. I know I was intimidated at first; but it’s actually much easier than you might think. The invention of the Hands Free Vaporizer is a wonderful thing because it makes the vaporizing experience much simpler and enjoyable, especially for those new to the process. Early models were a bit rudimentary and some units were rather unpredictable in their performance. Without proper temperature regulation and quality construction, the first vaporizers had a tendency to overheat, sometimes burning the herbs, which defeats the purpose of using a vaporizer! These units were not hands free so they were awkward and uncomfortable to use. Hands Free Vaporizers are super easy to use and much more convenient than their predecessors. Many manufacturers are now making top notch hands free devices that anybody can operate with ease. No matter which unit you choose, follow these simple instructions for a successful aromatherapy experience:

1)First select a comfortable and well ventilated area where you can set up your unit. If you have a meditation room or a personal library then I would recommend those places to optimize your relaxation and enhance your aromatic experience.

2)If your device has a fuse make sure it is plugged in and firmly in place.

3)Next you will turn on the vaporizer and if it is brand new you will want to let it run for fifteen minutes or so allowing any oils or residue left from the manufacturer to “burn off”. After the first use, it should only take ten minutes or less for your unit to reach the desired temperature.

4)Using the knob or dial, select the optimal temperature. If your unit has a digital display then it will be easy to set it to the desired level of heat. Get to know your unit and experiment with different temperatures to optimize the effectiveness of your vaporizer, not letting any of essence of your herbs go to waste.

5)At the end of the whip you will find the herb receptacle. Here you will place the ground up plant material. Your unit may include a grinder, if not you might want to invest in one because it makes this process much easier. Place the herbs loosely into the receptacle and only fill it to about 1/3 capacity for the most effective evaporation.

6)Then you place the whip on the heating element. Hands Free Vaporizers will fit snuggly or screw into place so you do not have to hold it in place while inhaling.

7)Inhale slowly and evenly, drawing the vapor at your own pace. Over time you will learn how fast or slow and how deep to inhale. When you are done enjoying your vaporizer, turn it off and unplug it if necessary. Always give it plenty of time to cool down. Keep your unit clean in good operating condition.

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