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I-Inhale Vaporizer
Staff Review A. Marier -- VapeNow.com
November 10, 2008

I-Inhale Portable VaporizerThis article sums up the Pros and the Cons of the I-Inhale Portable Vaporizer, the new top-of-the-line handheld vaporizer from Ireland. It also goes into detail about the different components of the system, cleaning, as well as some useful tips and tricks. We at VapeNow.com hope you find it helpful and informative.

Pros & Cons

  • Truly portable – no batteries needed, just fill with butane and you’re ready to vape anywhere.
  • Best vapor quality of any portable vaporizer,
  • Fast heat up (45 secs) – we do recommend letting the I-Inhale heat up a little more for optimum vapor.
  • Very small – it looks like an oversized mp3 player or cell phone.
  • Nice, new, innovative design.
  • High quality heat resistant plastic.
  • Did we mention portable?
  • Makes a little noise when the butane heater fires (about the same level of noise as a small torch lighter for about 5 seconds each minute).
  • Hard to know if it is fully filled up with butane.
  • The vapor quality is not as good as most ''tabletop units.''
  • After turning off, it takes 1-2 minutes before the heater totally stop firing.
  • Attaching the filling chamber to the unit can be awkward.
THE BOTTOM LINE:  the new I-Inhale vaporizer is a revolutionary portable model.  Its patented catalytic heating technology uses butane gas and oxygen to heat your herbs or tobacco without any flame.  With a small learning curve, you'll be able to get nice, relatively dense vapor puff with ease after a couple uses anywhere you want whenever you want. All the I-Inhale needs to work is butane (the same butane used for lighter refills, which is easily available at many convenience stores) and it takes just seconds to fill (hold the butane refill canister upside down to fill). With this vaporizer you'll have the problemof burning your tobacco or herbs which can occur with some lighter-powered vaporizers like the Vapor Genie.  It looks more like a big cell phone or other electronic than a vaporizer. Just pre-heat it for 45-60 seconds and inhale slowly.  This is a really nice vaporizer; I use it every day, year round.


  1. I-Inhale Portable VaporizerFilling Valve – this is the valve that controls the flow of butane to the heater. Open it to fill the vaporizer with gas.

  2. I-Inhale Portable VaporizerMouth Piece – the I-Inhale’s mouth piece unit is totally adjustable.  It can be lengthened by adding or removing sections of mouth piece tube.

  3. I-Inhale Portable VaporizerRemovable Moisture Condenser – Removes moisture if your material is moist.  It also restricts air flow so we tend to leave it out.

  4. I-Inhale Portable VaporizerHeater Mesh Screen – the heating element is under this screen. All components of this vaporizer are made with 100% health-safe material.

  5. I-Inhale Portable VaporizerPower Button – use to turn the I-Inhale on and off.

  6. I-Inhale Portable VaporizerPiezo Button – this is like a fancy igniter.  Push it once after turning on the gas flow on to start the catalytic process

  7. Bi-metal thermostat – regulates the heat. The I-Inhale is calibrated to maintain a stable temperature of around 375°F.

  8. I-Inhale Portable VaporizerThe Filling Chamber – this is where you put your tobacco or herbs for vaporizing.

  9. I-Inhale Portable VaporizerThe Maintenance Tool – use this tool to un-screw the aluminum pin and the heater mesh screen to clean the unit.

Quick start (Direct Inhale)

  1. Fill it up with butane gas: fill the I-Inhale with butane gas. The reservoir isn’t very big so it only takes a second of filling. Remember to hold the butane refill canister upside-down.
  2. Load the filling chamber: fill ½ to 3/4 with finely ground dry tobacco or herbs.
  3. Attach the mouth piece: take the 5 parts of the mouth piece and screw it on to the top of the unit (above the filling chamber).
  4. Turn the I-Inhale on: just set the valve on the side of the unit to ''1'' and press the Piezo starter button (you can look for orange light through the small orifice on the other side to confirm that it is lit. It should light up within 10 seconds of pressing the starter; you will hear a quiet roar).
  5. Pre-heat: wait 45 to 90 seconds and then slowly inhale. Wait a little longer (~5 minutes) for higher density vapor.


Cleaning the I-Inhale is pretty simple. Just take the ''pipe cleaner'' that come in the box with the unit and use it to clean the mouthpiece. You can remove the aluminum pin with the maintenance tool to clean behind the mesh screen.

Other tips:

  • Remove the humidity condenser to get a better air flow for quick use
  • Use all 5 pieces of the mouth piece for cooler vapor.
  • Tap during use to mix material and expose entire surface area.
  • Inhale when heater is firing for optimum temperature.
  • Don't pre-heat it for too long without the moisture condenser – which also keeps vapor trapped in the filling chamber – or active ingredients may evaporate.

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