Silver Surfer Vaporizer
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Silver Surfer Vaporizer


The Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) was the first of its kind to offer a ceramic heating element in combination with an all glass heater cover. There is some debate about the possibility that vaporizers with metal components may emit toxins. While this depends largely upon the specific vasporizer model, the all-glass cover of the SSV means that SSV vapor is pure. The SSV was also the first vaporizer to have the heating element possitioned vertically. This means that material doesn't fall out of the wand and hot air moves in it's natural duirection -- up -- during vaporization. The SSV also features a heater that is separated from the electronics to provide you with the cleanest vapor possible. The heating element itself is the highest quality engineered ceramic heater on the planet. The element is 100% encased in ceramic to prevent the oxidation of the heating element. This material has the same crystalline structure as a ruby! Only the highest quality materials are used in the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Built in the United States, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is truly a functional piece of handcrafted artwork. No gimmicks or hype, just a truly outstanding, high quality product you will be proud to own.

The SSV also comes with a $25 custom blown glass knob! Save your health and get the SSV, pure vapor has an estimated 80%-90% less tar and carcinogens. Furthermore, conserve your tobacco by as much as 40%-50%! Do the math: how long will it take to pay itself off? How many times will this thing pay its self off?

Also, with the Silver Surfer vaporizer you can diffuse essential oils at the same time you are vaporizing. With the competitor's vaporizers you can only vaporize or diffuse oils, one or the other. The SSV also utilizes a patent pending heater cover which enables the wand to point up instead of down like the Vapor Brothers and Vapor Doc or any of the other wand style vaporizers.

  • Quick change colored heavy walled glass wand with which you can change the screen in seconds. The SSV now comes with a storage bag!! Keep the SSV safe and also save the environment by having no more packaging.
  • Only wand style vaporizer to offer the water filtered mouth piece, which cools and moistens the vapor offering an even healthier way of vaporizing.
  • The housing is made from 1/5 inch thick aluminum which is about as thick as 3 quarter dollars stacked. The housing will NEVER break. The housing has now been anodized to make the aluminum harder and give a nicer finish. The SSV logo is also laser engraved on the front.
  • Only vaporizer that can be completely customized by you.
  • Features an indicator light that brightens and dims as you adjust the temperature.
  • Heavy duty, 10 foot power cord.
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty (excludes glass). If the SSV does need repair work after the warranty is up any part can be replaced for $25 or less, and this includes part, labor and shipping!
  • All whips come with our new 3/8 inch hose that is 3 times more pliable than our past hose
  • The SSV now comes in 5 different colors! Choose between stop light red, blueberry blue, purple nurple, sea of green or radioactive yellow! The red, green and purple bases are dark and rich in color. The blue is lighter while the yellow is very transparent. The yellow is really neat when you look at the side. It looks kinda lime fluorescent green. The bases are interchangeable so you can have a different Silver Surfer Vaporizer when you want!
Package Includes:
  • Silver Surfer Vaporizer
  • Quick change wand (made from laboratory grade borosilicate glass)
  • Borosilicate clear glass mouthpiece
  • 3/8 inch super soft clear vinyl tubing (food grade)
  • 3 replacement screens
  • Instruction manual w/ warranty
  • 1 custom glass marble/stainless steel stir tool
  • Lifetime free service (if anything ever wears out all you have to do is buy the part to fix the SSV and send us your SSV with enough money so we can ship it back to you)

  • Manufactured by: 7th Floor

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