Magic Flight Launch Box
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Magic Flight Launch Box


The Magic Flight Launch Box is a small portable vaporizer that anyone can use anywhere, anytime. The Launch Box uses one re-chargeable battery as its power source so it's easy to travel with.

The Magic Flight Vaporizer kit includes the Launch Box vaporizer, two rechargeable batteries in a case, a compact battery recharger, a medium straight stem and a brush for cleaning the screen. Everything you need to get started and a tin to hold it all.

Durable, robust and small enough to hold in your hand, you can easily pre-fill the Launch Box and take it with you when you need to be on the go. Also, unlike other vaporizers, the immediate heat up and cool down ensures that you can use, refill, and reuse without ever having to wait.

By blending classical physical science with detailed engineering analysis, the Launch Box achieves good performance without fussy digital circuits, lights, or flammable gases.

Technical notes: The Magic Flight Launch Box uses a single ordinary AA rechargeable NiMh battery (2000mAh or higher) and is shipped with a compact battery charger and extra battery. Other ultra-fast 15 minute AA chargers and AA batteries may be used with this device, as long as they are of sufficient strength and are compatible with the NiMh standards (warning: alkaline or any other battery chemistry will not work or will not last long). Rechargeable batteries must be fully charged before use (about 8 hours of charge time), and may be left in the provided charger between uses. A single fully charged battery can be expected to provide approximately five minutes of operation.

The Magic-Flight Launch Box is hand crafted in the USA.

  • Manufactured by: Magic Flight

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