Natural Goods Standard Vaporizer
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Natural Goods Standard Vaporizer


The Natural Goods Standard Vaporizer with NEW Glass on Glass Technology. When used properly, this vaporizer allows you to extract and inhale the active ingredients and essential oils without the use of flame. Using a relatively low heat to separate the oils and moisture, you inhale the mist leaving your botanicals behind. You can now enjoy the fine aromatic vapor while avoiding the unhealthy effects of burning (i.e. smoke and tar).

Visible vapor will not always be present. Even if the absence of visible vapor, the unit is still emitting potent vapors. The first emitted vapors during a single use is the most flavorful and most beneficial in your session, regardless of the fact that it may be mostly invisible to the eye.

Natural Goods offers a 6 month warranty. This warranty includes the repair or replacement of all parts resulting from manufacture defects. Any defects or malfunctions as a result of normal use will be covered, however it will not include any malfunctions resulting from the misuse of the user.

  • Fan powered convention air for consistent Vapor output.
  • Largest Tubing, insulated dual glass handkit does not get hot.
  • Large Heavy-Duty 100% Ceramic Heater will not fail!
Extras Include:
  • Electrical Cord
  • Glass on Glass Whip and Glass Mouthpiece
  • Stir Stick

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  • Manufactured by: Natural Goods

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