O2 Oxygen Mini Portable Vaporizer V4.0 + Re-Chargeble Battery
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O2 Oxygen Mini Portable Vaporizer V4.0 + Re-Chargeble Battery


Break free from the restrictions of cords, cables, and tubes with O2 Oxygen Mini Vaporizer and re-chargeable battery by Vapir. Home units are fantastic when you are at home, but you cannot easily transport them place to place or conveniently take them with you wherever you go; and if you do, you will have to find a place to plug it in. We have a solution for you and youíll be able to vape wherever you go even if there are no outlets available. This Portable Vaporizer has a unique, pen-sized design that makes it ideal for use on the go. The Re-chargeable battery gives you the complete freedom to vaporize your biomass whenever you like, wherever you like!

Like all Vapir units, the O2 Mini Vaporizer comes equipped with a digital temperature control, allowing the user to manually adjust and maintain the heat so all the active ingredients in your bioass are released. This high quality Portable Vaporizer comes with all the amenities that you might expect from a larger, full-sized home unit. There is no need to sacrifice quality for the sake of portability. Donít judge it by its size; this mighty mini packs quite a punch! The blow through product function uses your own breath to draw the vapor giving you the ability to regulate the volume and velocity, ensuring that no essence is wasted. Because this unit is fan-less, it is ultra quiet and super easy to use.

Take advantage of this great offer and order the O2 Oxygen Mini Vaporizer with re-chargeable battery. No cords means you donít have to have it plugged in while you are using it; and using a re-chargeable battery means not having to waste a lot of money on regular throw-away batteries. Vaporizing technology is wonderful on its own merit; add the portable power and cordless convenience of the O2 Mini and youíve got yourself quite an impressive device.

Pen-Sized Vaporizer

  • Blow Through Product Function Allows for Quick Heating and Inhalation - You Use Your Own Breath, Plus There Are No Wasted Vapors!
  • GREAT for those on the go!
  • You can purchase a re-chargeable battery for cordless usage!
  • Unit is fan-less so it is compact and easy to use!
  • The Oxygen comes with all the ammenities of the larger Vapirs like the digital display all in the palm of your hand!
  • Included re-chargeable battery lets you inhale your biomass essence anywhere!

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  • Manufactured by: Vapir

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