Quit Smoking With Magic Flight Launch Box

Instant vapor and rechargeable battery power to go

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer As a former smoker, I know how difficult it can be to quit. Aside from the physical addiction and agonizing withdrawals, the psychological aspect can be especially tough to deal with. For me, the ritual of smoking was just as enjoyable as the smoking itself. After some prolonged breathing problems and pressure from my loved ones, I decided to quit on New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2008. Cold turkey worked for me and I strongly suggest this method for anyone trying to quit. It is a quick and clean way to rid yourself of a nasty habit; much like ripping off a band-aid, it hurts initially but I think it is better than cutting back slowly.

Within a few days I began to feel better and breathe easier, but I still missed my ritual and wanted something to fill that void. I bought myself a vaporizer but I was quickly disappointed because it just wasn’t the same. The most annoying part was plugging it in and waiting for the heating element to get hot enough to actually work. Not only was I stuck indoors because I needed the electrical outlet, but with all the hoses and attachments it felt nothing like the simple and relaxing routine of smoking that I was accustomed to. My mistake was the type of vaporizer that I was using. Then I discovered the Magic Flight Launch Box! When I hear magic I think smoke and mirrors, but when it comes to the Launch Box there is nothing but vapor goodness.

Super portable and convenient, the “Magic” of the Flight Launch Box is how fast it heats up. It goes from cool to vapor in about 5 seconds! The top is see through so you know exactly when the vapor is ready and how much is in the chamber before you inhale. I can pre-fill the chamber with my herbal blends and take it with me wherever I go. The tiny little box fits right in my pocket or backpack. A single AA battery is all the power I need so I am free to roam about and enjoy my vapor outside. When you order your Magic Flight Launch Box from Vapenow.com, it comes with a kit that includes two rechargeable batteries, a compact battery recharger, two draw stems, a brush for cleaning the screen, and convenient pouch to hold everything. Since there is no need to plug into an electrical socket, I can enjoy the sunshine while I vape. And since the rechargeable battery heats up almost immediately, I can be spontaneous and not wait for a slow heating element like most vaporizers. The fact that this particular vaporizer meets my personal preferences made it possible for me to quit smoking and replace my dangerous habit with a better one; that was just as enjoyable and better for my lungs.

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