V-Tower Vaporizer
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V-Tower Vaporizer


The new V-Tower is back by popular demand. Manufactured by Arizer (the makers of the Extreme), the V-Tower is an excellent quality, whip based Vaporizer at an affordable price. It comes with precision temperature control, ceramic heater w/lifetime warranty, digital display, and auto shut off. Basically, it is an Extreme without the balloon/bag capabilities. If you're the type of vaporizer who likes direct inhale, then buying this unit is $100 cheaper than the extreme. See below for features:

Glass Components
Wherever possible the strongest highest quality glass parts are used i.e. the mouthpiece and the Cyclone Bowl™. Glass is inert and toxin free, which ensures smooth, tasty vapor.

UPRIGHT Cyclone Bowl™
This glass bowl stands vertically allowing the air to be distributed evenly to efficiently release the full flavor and potency.

Precision Temperature Control w/ LCD
Precision matters and the V-Tower operates with incredible precision. The LCD displays Temperature Setting, Celsius or Fahrenheit, Auto Shut-off Timer, and Audio "Beep" On/Off.

Ceramic Heater coverd by LIFETIME warranty
The ceramic heating element of the V-Tower is covered by a lifetime warranty.

Long whip w/ Swivel Action
Ensures smooth, cool vapor. Made from food grade tubing. The whip also rotates, which makes using the whip much more convenient.

Auto Shut-Off Timer
The V-Tower's auto shut of timer (2 or 4 hrs) ensures that your unit will never be left on by mistake for an extended period of time.

Dual-Wall Stainless Steel Housing
The V-Tower's housing is made from quality stainless steel, insulated with non-toxic, food-safe insulation. The unit is cool to the touch.

Portability and convenience are important. The V-Towers small size and compact nature make it easy to transport. An optional Rechargable Portable Battery Pack will be available soon as well!

The V-Tower Includes:
  • Heating Unit
  • Potpourri Dish/Aroma Therapy Dish
  • Cyclone Bowl
  • 1 Package Replacement Stainless Steel Filter Screens
  • 1 Glass Stirring Tool
  • Whip/Hose with Glass End And Adaptor
  • Power Adaptor 110-220v
  • Owners Manual

  • Manufactured by: Arizer

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