Evolutions Vaporizer v7
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Evolutions Vaporizer v7


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The Evolution Vaporizer is made in American by Intergrated Themal Management Solutions. Intergrated Themal Management Solutions employ the mind behind several cutting edge vaporizers that have been developed over the past several years including The Fogger, The B-Real Vaporizer and most recently with the Super Vapezilla.

Evolutions Vaporizer Design Specs
Silicone Air Seal over the Vapor Whip:

  • This provides a Sealed Airflow, which means there is no cold air leakage from the outside to offset the heat level on the interior of the Evolution Vaporizer.
  • Evolution Vaporizer Heating System
    • The Evolution Vaporizer uses a chemically inert Ceramic Heating Element incased in steel for greater durability.
    • The Evolution Vaporizer features a State of the Art Digital Controller factory set @ 400.
    Evolutions Vaporizer's Digital Controller
    • The Evolutions Vaporizer is designed to overshoot desired temperature by 10 and reduce temperature from there to achieve desired temperature quicker.
    • When the green light is flashing, this represents the Evolution Vaporizer heating or decreasing temperature to reach your desired temperature.
    • To change temperature on the Evolutions Vaporizer, press the Select Button and dial in the desired temperature and relax, no need to press anything else.
    Fuzzy Logic & The Evolutions Vaporizer
    • The Evolutions Vaporizer employs Fuzzy Logic to determine how much more heat the temperature needs to stay at the desired temperature.
    • The Evolutions Vaporizer will automatically compensate for the cooling effect that happens when you draw from the Vapor Whip.
    Evolutions Vaporizer v7 Includes:
    • 1 pc. Evolutions Vaporizer Unit (oem Vapezilla & Super Vapezilla)
    • 1 pc. Evolutions Vaporizer Vapor Whip
    • 2 pc. 5/8" Replacement Screen .625
    • 1 pc. Evolutions Instruction Manual

  • Manufactured by: Evolutions

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