Voodoo Digital Vaporizer
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Voodoo Digital Vaporizer


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Unfortunately the VooDoo's manufacturer, Pyro Products, is out of stock of this model. We recommend you look at the Green Vapors (also by Pyro Products) or the Vapir ONE v5.0 if you are interested in a similar style.

The most important part of a quality vaporizer is its ability to control the temperature of the air that is passed through the biomass. Precise regulation of this heat allows users to maximize their aromatic experience while minimizing the number of harmful toxins that “hop along for the ride”.

Many vaporizers on the market actually partially burn the material because they lack the precise digital controls of the VooDoo Vaporizer. And low-grade materials can introduce toxins into the vapor. The medical grade components used in the VooDoo allow you to extract every active part of your biomass toxin free.

If your temperature isn’t accurately controlled throughout the entire vaporization experience you will either create toxins and smoke (too hot), or waste biomass and fail to release much of its active elements (too cool). VooDoo gives the most precise heat-regulation for an optimal release of potent essences. Our Vapor Balloon System ensures that no mist will be wasted. The vapor stream is continual and the balloon captures and saves the mist released between inhalations.

The Vaporizer Package includes:
  • Digital Vaporizer unit with digital temperature gauge and variable fan.
  • Instruction Manual
  • FREE HEXX Mini grinder
  • 3 Black Magic Balloons
  • 3 Empty Filling Disks
  • 3 Pre-Filled Mystic Potion Aromatic Disks
  • 2 VooDOoo Security Key (for locking of unit)
  • 15" TrancePorter Tube
  • Mouthpiece
  • Plastic Tweezers
  • Power Cord 110V
  • Free Instructional Audio CD
  • VooDoo Warranty Card

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  • Manufactured by: Pyro Products

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