Vapir O2 Oxygen Mini Portable Vaporizer V4.0
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Vapir O2 Oxygen Mini Portable Vaporizer V4.0


Combining the precision of digital temperature control with a sleek handheld design, the Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is the best of both worlds when it comes to portable vaporizers. Larger models are great for home use, but this unit is only about six inches long, pen-sized, and perfect for use on the go. This mighty mini will meet all of your vaporizing needs without breaking the bank; a quality device that fits in the palm of your hand for less than $100!

When you buy a Vapir Vaporizer you are getting a top quality product from a manufacturer that is dedicated to perfection. One of the first companies to harness the power of digital temperature control technology, Vapir Vaporizer has developed some of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market today. The digital temperature control allows you to easily adjust and maintain the heat of the unit, so all of the active ingredients in your biomasscan be released. The Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is a fan-less unit, making it completely quiet and ultra compact. Its blow through product function uses your own breath, so you control the speed and volume of the inhalation ensuring that no vapor is wasted.

An optional re-chargeable battery is a great accessory to consider when purchasing O2 Mini so you can have the benefit of convenient, cordless usage. Enjoy the fresh vapor of your biomass wherever you go with this amazingly affordable portable device. Everything you need at a price thatís tough to beat. Itís the perfect unit for any vaporizer enthusiast, especially those on the go. The Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is powerful vaporizer technology in a small package. Less is more with this state of the art, easy to use Vapir masterpiece. Order yours today! The Re-Chargeable battery is not included so donít forget to add it to your purchase to enjoy the full cordless experience.

Pen-Sized Vaporizer

  • Blow Through Product Function Allows for Quick Heating and Inhalation - You Use Your Own Breath, Plus There Are No Wasted Vapors!
  • GREAT for those on the go!
  • You can purchase a re-chargeable battery for cordless usage!
  • Unit is fan-less so it is compact and easy to use!
  • The Oxygen comes with all the ammenities of the larger Vapirs like the digital display all in the palm of your hand!
  • Re-Chargeable battery not included

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  • Manufactured by: Vapir

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