Vapir Cordless Vaporizer
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Vapir Cordless Vaporizer


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The Vapir Cordless vaporizer is an impressive big brother to the Vapir Classic Corded unit. The cordless unit functions exactly the same as the classic vaporizer with the added luxury of an included, internal rechargeable battery. This means you can charge up your unit and vaporize wherever you want.

Like the Vapir Corded Classic, the cordless unit is particularly easy to use. Whatís more, if youíre taking it out with you on the go you arenít going to want the added hassle of bringing balloons with you. The direct inhalation of the unit means you just need you Vapir Cordless vaporizer and the aromatic plant material of your choice and youíre ready to go.

This is a reliable, affordable unit that features digital temperature control. If you want all the features of the Vapir Corded vaporizer in a fully portable model, the Vapir Cordless is a perfect fit.


  • World Adaptor (100V-240V)
  • Small custom Fit Protective Case
  • 2 Empty Filling Disks
  • Matrix tube attachment
  • Users Manual
  • Small Plastic Tool
  • Full Featured in Both Fahrenheit and Celsius.



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  • Manufactured by: Vapir

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