VaporCannon Standard - 4G
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VaporCannon Standard - 4G


This is the 4th generation, heavy-duty Vapor Cannon. It includes a NEW, ceramic heaters and screw in heater mounts. These changes to the previous version are aimed at increased reliability and durability, making the newest Vapor Cannon one of the top box vaporizers on the market.

For under $150 this is really a solid vaporization option. While it does not feature the precise temperature controls of higher end models, the Vapor Cannon vaporizer is an affordable, reliable unit. This vapo will definitely extract the essence of your biomass and provide you with a top of the line aromatic experience. If you get sick of holding the hand piece to the heater try the hands free unit!

Kit includes:

  • Vaporizer
  • Hand piece
  • Tubing
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Stir tools
As with all Vapor Cannon ceramic heater models you get a 5 year warranty on everything but the glass!!

240V units are now available.


Additional Pictures:

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  • Manufactured by: VaporWarez

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