Vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer
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Vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer

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Vaporbrothers is the original and most popular name in box style vaporizers. The reason that these high quality, low cost vaporizers have gained such a reputation is largely due to the pure ceramic heating element these models feature. While other models may use glues and other substances that can be released through the vaporization process, the Vaporbrothers heating element ensures that you only extract those essences you desire.

For people looking for a dependable, long lasting vaporizer for under $200 this is definitely a good option. Below is a more detailed description of how the Vaporbrothers vaporizer works and some recommendations from the manufacturer on how to maximize your vaporization and aromatherapy experience.

Package Includes:

  • Hands Free Vaporizer
  • Hand Piece, Tubing, Glass mouthpiece
  • Clear Aroma Bulb
  • Organic Essential Oil Sample
  • Bamboo Pick

The Vaporbrothers vaporizer warms up once and is ready for the rest of the day. The glass hand piece (whip) is packed lightly, not more than 1/3 full. As soon as the hand piece (whip) is connected with the heating element of the vaporizer, the user inhales instant vapor through the tube. Vapor goes in clear and is exhaled as a big cloud of white mist. The mist vanishes in air, not lingering around like smoke. Your lungs are saved inhaling the plant ash and tar. The standard size hand piece offers about 4 big inhales before the biomass dries and becomes brown. Stir it up and try again or unload the hand piece using the supplied tool. The user blows through the tube to expel the spent material into a container.

Getting the right hit is a science. Vaporbrothers Vaporizer owners learn their machine in about 1 week (usually less). Get used to packing very small amounts, fluffed up slightly. We recommend the following procedure:

  • Turn on the VB unit to full power for 3-4 minutes (until you see a red/orange glow inside the heating element
  • Turn the unit to half power (the line pointing straight up or half way from the on click to the end) for another 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Grind up your biomass while the unit is heating.
  • Place your biomass into the whip, not filling too much (1/3 full is the maximum you want to put in there) and lightly set them into place using the supplied tool.
  • NOTE: You do not need to use much biomass. We recommend placing enough in the whip to cover the screen with about 1/8 of an inch of material. Don't sweat it, you will figure it out quickly.
  • Place the whip up to the heating element and inhale air (draw) a full breath. If when you exhale you see a white mist, you are in the zone you want to be. If there is no mist, inhale more quickly. You can control the amount of vapor created by varying the intensity and duration of air you inhale. Practice makes perfect.


  • Manufactured by: Vaporbrothers

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