Vaporfection Digital Stealth Jr.
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Vaporfection Digital Stealth Jr.


The Digital Stealth Jr. is the newest product from Vaporfection. Handcrafted in the USA, the Stealth Jr. is an impressive follow up to the renowned Stealth II VDS

The vaporizing temperature is controlled by manually adjusting the temperature control knob and monitoring the temperature through the digital display. This unit is equipped with an all glass heating element, laboratory grade borosilicate glass chamber and glass whip, medical grade tubing, and a large glass mouth piece.

The vaporizer also uses a glass heating element as opposed to the more traditional ceramic or quartz units. This is similar to the technology used in the Vapolution. The resulting taste from this glass-on-glass transfer of vapor will redefine what you look for in an aromatic experience.

There is truly nothing "Junior" about this quality vaporizer and aromatherapy diffuser.

Standard features on all Vaporfection models:

  • Patented glass element provides better efficiency and taste (This is a real heating element, not a light bulb!)
  • Lead free vapor cooling fans provide better efficiency
  • Advanced Vapor-Flow laboratory borosilicate glass vapor whip, mouth piece, and medical grade vapor flow tubing
  • Digital microprocessor temperature controller featuring air-flow technology that measures air temperature/movement and adjusts heating element temperature to compensate (Stealth II VDS model Only)
  • Temperature display readout snap in panel module thermostat for no guessing and ease of use (Stealth JR Digital model only)
  • Separate vapor enhancing chamber contains only glass components - All electronics are separate from the vapor chamber
  • Exclusive color changing Vapor Chamber
  • All units will work on 220V electrical systems without converter.

  • Manufactured by: Vaporfection

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