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VaporGenie Portable Vaporizer - Classic Maple Wood


I read some negative comments about this portable vaporizer before buying it. Some sites actually stated that they didn't carry portable vaporizers because they just didn't work well enough to rate and to avoid sites selling the portable vaporizers. My thoughts on this after owning my first portable vaporizer are that some seem to want to blame the fact that they are all thumbs and not coordinated enough to make the thing work correctly as reason to write them off. I guess they find it easier to blame the device than themselves. This is sad because quite frankly the VaporGenie not only works but works well once you get the hang of it. Honestly thats not the best part. The best thing is how efficient it is. Also, my throat has not felt this good in a long while and my voice has not been affected by my morning smoke like usual. I've smoked tobacco a long time and this vaporizer will likely save me having to burn as much or as fast due to how well it works once you get it down. I have found that with the particularly moist tobacco that I can enjoy flavor I have not sense since I first started smoking. The secret is finding that sweet routine to make it work so it doesn't burn your tobacco, or ignite it I should say. Once you get that figured out, in like 3 attempts for myself well, after that it is no real effort to just repeat the same routine.

In short, get the VaporGenie. You'll have a pleasant experience using it.
Date Added: 01/30/2011 Steve R

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