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VaporTower Vaporizer


There is a general feeling in the vaporizer community, and it is not completely unfounded, that box vaporizers are simply not worth it. The VaporTower will change all of this.

Much like the heralded Volcano vaporizer, the VaporTower uses two screens to sandwich the ground biomass. Hot air is then forced directly upwards through the material. You don’t have to be a Physics major to know that hot air rises – this unique design solves many of the problems that box vaporizers traditionally had.

For under $200 there are few vaporizer models that are more dependable or reliable. If you are in the “no box vapos for me” camp, we urge you to try out this revolutionary product! It produces a perfect aromatic experience every time.

Kit includes:

  • Hands free Tower Vaporizer
  • VaporTower Handkit, Medical Grade Tubing & Custom Glass Mouthpiece
  • Stir Tool
Dimensions:6"H x 5"W x 5"L

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