Phedor Vaporizer
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Phedor Vaporizer


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The Phedor Vaporizor Vaporizer is used to replace the functions of a butane lighter. The device is to be used in conjunction with an aromatherapy flavor delivery device such as a aromatherapy hookah waterpipe.

The Phedor Vaporizor eliminates the butane gas toxins and flavor by replacing that with a fully embedded solid one-piece electric ceramic heating element. We than tested different temperatures and arrived at a preset setting, which is set at the factory to achieve a better taste and stronger therapeutic sensation. Used directly biomass to simulate a vaporization experience. This technique is adopted by many hookah bars worldwide.

  • Phedor Vaporizor
  • Lightweight Solid Aluminum on Gloss Black Chassis
  • Fully Embedded Ceramic Heating Element with SapphireŽ Technology (does not wear down / degrade unlike glass rod alternatives)
  • Butaneless Aromatherapy Lighter; Vaporizer
  • No Butane = Pure Flavor
  • Eliminates Need for Butane Lighter
  • Used for Aromatherapy & Flavored Tobacco
  • Eliminates ALL BUTANE FLAVOR
  • Stronger therapeutic sensation vs Butane Lighter

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  • Manufactured by: Wicked Roots

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