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Vapezilla Vaporizer


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The Vapezilla is a high quality, long lasting vaporizer for a fairly reasonable price. While it lacks the digital temperature control that many new models are featuring, in many other respects it is truly top of the line.

Unlike some balloon vaporizer systems where the user can end up with a bag full of diluted vapor, the Vapezilla features direct inhalation of compressed vapors. This means that you will get the most flavor and the highest concentration of active ingredients, ensuring a perfect aromatic experience every time.

The Vapezilla Vaporizer is designed for the vaporization connoisseur on a budget. No expenses are sacrificed in this design besides the temperature controller, which is a manual variable vs digital. The Vapezilla Vaporizer, being budget-classed, still rivals all other vaporizers on the market in potency and flavor.

Product Features:
  • Gloss Black Finish
  • 400W Ceramic Heating Element
  • Borosilicate Glass Insulator
  • Thickest Borosilicate Glass Vaporizer Whip in the Industry
  • Variable Rotary Temperature Controller
  • Electronics Separated From Inhalation Track
  • Dual Magnetic Levitation Vapo-Bearing Fans
  • Dual Filtered Inlet Air
  • Deep Red LED for View of Vapors
  • Compressed Vapors vs Diluted Balloon Vaporizer Systems
  • More Potent Vapors vs All Balloon Vaporizers
  • Solid Aluminum Chassis Platform
  • Best Taste vs Any Other Vaporizer
  • Lifetime Labor Warranty


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  • Manufactured by: Wicked Roots

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