Vapman Portable Vaporizer Review

Vapman Vaporizer
Staff Review A. Marier --
January 11, 2009

Vapman VaporizerThis review sums up the Pros and the Cons of the Vapman, a hand held vaporizer from Switzerland.  It also goes into detail about the different components of the system, cleaning, as well as some useful tips and tricks.  We at hope you find it helpful and informative.

Pros & Cons


  • Truly portable -- no batteries needed, cordless, powered by butane torch.
  • Smallest portable vaporizer made yet -- the size of an egg.
  • Fast heating time -- about 10-20 seconds.
  • High quality Swiss engineering and materials.
  • Adjustable air/vapor ratio for thicker vapor.
  • Almost impossible to ignite the inside of the bowl -- big plus!


  • The unit doesn't come with maintenance tool -- a simple mini-screwdriver will do the job though.
  • The mouth piece is made of wood, which can be damaged by over-heating and/or by over-tightening the screen's screws and is harder to clean than glass or metal.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Vapman is a Swiss-made handheld vaporizer that is only powered by a butane torch.  The Vapman vaporizer is made of beautiful wood and hi-tech materials, but there are no batteries or wiring that may break. Efficient, small, light and discrete, this vaporizer will perfect for those on the go who can't use a table-top unit, but it's also versatile enough to function as your primary vaporizer. Once you get a feel for the technique of the Vapman, you'll almost never burn your tobacco or herbs -- it's very hard to light the inside of the vaporization chamber on fire.  This does not diminish the quality of the vapor, however; the Vapman still provides thick, dense vapor.


  1. Vapman VaporizerMouthpiece:  Made of wood, stainless steel and high-density plastic, the mouth piece is solid, comfortable and has a really nice air flow. There are three holes around it that can by blocked with a finger to give a thicker vapor inhale.
  2. Base:  The base is the part of the vaporizer that you heat with the torch to get all the active ingredients out of your plant material.
  3. Funnel:  The funnel is basically an aluminum collar that will you load the Vapman's filling chamber with tobacco or herbs.
  4. Case:  The case is made of solid plastic the will protect your vaporizer once in your pocket.  It snaps apart in two pieces and is about the size of a large egg.


Vapman VaporizerThe Vapman is really a user-friendly vaporizer, to get started just follow these steps:

  1. Open the vaporizer by turning the mouth piece counter-clockwise.
  2. Place the funnel on the top of the base to make loading the filling chamber easier.
  3. Load the base with your favorite tobacco or herbs.
  4. Re-attach the mouthpiece to the base.
  5. Heat the base with a butane torch for about 8 sec (actual times will vary according to your vaping preferences, material type and quality, and the type of torch you are using).
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Re-heat between inhales for a few seconds to keep the base at a constant temperature.


Cleaning the Vapman is very easy -- just unscrew the mouth piece and clean it with water and soap.  Any other residue in the Vapman can be wiped off with a soft, clean rag.


  • Grind your material as finely as possible to maximize its surface area.
  • Block the 3 holes on the mouth piece if you want thinker vapor.
  • Don't inhale to fast, this way you'll get the densest vapor.
  • Start by heating it slowly than increase the heating time until you get good inhale.
Vapman Vaporizer

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