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VaporWarez Vapor Cannon Vaporizer
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December 6, 2008

The VaporWarez Vapor Cannon has been around for quite some time. Tried and true, the Vapor Cannon is a perfect introductory vaporizer, not only because of its excellent price, but also because of its ease of use and efficiency. For anyone wanting to add a secondary unit for large inhales and wooden aesthetics, the VaporWarez is for you. It utilizes a direct-inhale system using a glass ‘wand’ or ‘whip’ connected via silicone tubing to a glass mouthpiece.

Pros & Cons

  • Very efficient
  • Very effective
  • Well designed whip
  • Long power cord
  • Adjustable heat
  • On/Off Switch
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Must take care not to break glass
  • Changing screens can be tricky
  • Direct inhale only

THE BOTTOM LINE: I have owned the VaporWarez Vapor Cannon for over a year now. From the first day I bought it has provided me with nothing but an excellent vaporizing experience. As with all things, a certain technique must be developed. It’s not particularly hard to use, but to the uninitiated vaporizer user it may take a few tries before achieving the desired density of vapor. Rest assured, after the learning curve is mastered it will provide unlimited enjoyment of tasteful vapor. The direct inhale allows you to get pure vapor (not diluted with air like in some bag vapes) and to manage how much tobacco or herbs you wish to use by taking smaller or larger inhales, not to mention loading less or more in the glass wand.

  1. Base /Heating Element:
    Heat is generated by a ceramic heating element in the base of the vaporizer and as the user draws from the mouthpiece, the air circulates around the heating element, heating up the air, in turn vaporizing the active ingredients in the plant material. The VaporWarez uses a ceramic heating element encased in a replaceable glass casing. The unit is made of beautiful teak wood. Users are able to prop the back of the unit up if desired to make the heating element horizontal, as it is designed with a 45 degree downward angle. The heating control is a black knob located in the middle base of the unit and has a white indicator for the temperature. Most tobaccos/herbs start vaporizing at 11o’clock but the manufacturer recommends around 1. The On/Off switch has an orange light to indicate when on. The heating element takes roughly 3-10 minutes to reach vaporizing temperature.

    Dimensions: The VaporWarez is approximately 5" tall, 3.5" wide and 6 inches long.

  2. Whip:
    The glass whip comes in a variety of colors and is of a rather simple design. The silicone tubing connects in the back of the wand via a glass ‘nub’ and the screen is placed roughly half-way down the glass whip, in a small recessed space designed to hold it in place. Changing screens takes some getting used to, but isn’t too much of a hassle with patience. To vaporize, simply match the glass wand to the heating element, and slowly inhale. The VaporWarez is available in both a Hands-Free (ground glass) version and a regular version.


  1. Plug in the VaporWarez Vapor Cannon.
  2. Set your desired temperature with the black knob (somewhere between 11 and 1 o’clock on the dial) and wait for at least 5 minutes. Load the filling chamber ¼ to 1/8th full of ground up material. Overfilling the chamber will result in constricted airflow and possible combustion.
  3. Depending on if you have the hands-free or regular kit, match the glass wand to the heating element. If you have the hands-free model it will be a glass-on-glass connection and you don’t need to hold it while inhaling. Be careful with the glass, it should be an easy and snug fit.
  4. Empty your lungs, and take a long slow draw. You can feel the vapor running over your tongue and feel it in your mouth. It gives you almost an oily sensation. After you’re done, take off the glass whip and clear the tubing. Exhale at your leisure and enjoy the taste. If you’re not getting much visible vapor, slowly adjust the heat adjuster and give it a few moments to increase the temperature.
  5. Depending on how much you loaded in the glass whip, you can get anywhere from 4-8 good inhales. Spent material turns a dark brown color, before turning almost black at combustion. Take care when vaporizing, because both the heating element and glass wand get extremely hot.
  6. If you aren’t going to be vaporizing for an extended period of time, it’s recommended to shut the unit off. However, if you will be vaporizing throughout the day, you can leave it on and turn it off before going to sleep.


Cleaning the VaporWarez is a breeze. Soak the glass wand, tubing and mouthpiece isopropyl alcohol, agitate, and give it a good rinse with hot water. Allow it to dry before using again.

Other Tips:
  • Propping the unit up on a book or flat rock is preferred by some users because the horizontal heating element, as oppose to slanted, is less prone to make you spill. This method doesn’t affect the quality of the vapor or efficiency of the unit.
  • Residue collects on the inside of the wand and tubing, which is basically condensed vapor. Extracting the material using isopropyl alcohol and allowing it to evaporate will give you a potent extract.
  • To get thick vapor, it’s all about the right combination of draw speed and temperature setting. Experiment to find what is best for you. The technique is counter-intuitive, the faster you draw, less vapor is produced. The slower the draw, the more vapor.

Overall the VaporWarez is an excellent vaporizer. It’s been on the market for some time and has a devout user base. Considered one of the best direct draw vaporizers on the market, it’s a worthy investment for any vapor enthusiast. Thanks for reading.
-- The VapeNow Staff

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