VaporGenie Portable Vaporizer - Classic Maple Wood
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VaporGenie Portable Vaporizer - Classic Maple Wood


If you would like a Colored VaporGenie, they are available here.

The VaporGenie uses a lighter or match, but never lets the flame touch the aromatic plant material. While it is not an electronic unit, it is a very affordable way to save your lungs from fire whenever you arenít at your home vapor base!

The Vapor Genie has an inert, high temperature ceramic filter that prevents the flame from contacting your aromatic plant material. The filter mixes cool air with flame to provide gentle heat for vaporization. The filter is 100% inert, does not contain metals and will not contaminate your vapor. The filter does not deteriorate or burn, and will never need replacement.

Guaranteed for life, this portable, durable unit is sure to be nice addition to your aromatic experiences. Just fill and enjoy your aromatic plant material without all the toxins and tar!

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