VaporGenie Portable Vaporizer - Stainless Coil Bat
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VaporGenie Portable Vaporizer - Stainless Coil Bat


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This innovative, patent-pending bat-style pipe is made of stainless steel wire coils, precisely manufactured so that they attach by twisting/screwing. The coil pipe comprises 5 coils-two in the bottom (bowl) half, and three in the filter (top) portion. The two halves of the pipe fit together by twisting/screwing.

The stainless steel coil pipe has some interesting features:
1) The coil pipe has 100% stainless steel construction. There is no wood, aluminum, adhesive or any other material in this pipe (other than the ceramic filter, of course). Therefore, both top and bottom can be cleaned with solvents.
2) The coil pipe can be completely disassembled by hand, by unscrewing the steel coils. This means disassembly is easy, and each component can be cleaned separately. The ceramic filter can be removed, and hit with a torch to completely burn off soot if necessary. The glass VGs and this coil pipe are the only pipes that have removable ceramic filters.
3) The coil pipe is thermally insulated, due to an air gap between the inner and outer coils. Therefore, the outer surface does not become hot. The coil pipe stays much cooler than the aluminum Bat VG.
4) The coil pipe uses flame heat very efficiently, since it is so well insulated. This makes it good to use in cold weather. It also means a slightly smaller flame can be used. The coil pipe tends to run hotter than our other pipes, since little heat is lost to the outer surfaces.

The coil pipe has some limitations that buyers should be aware of:
1) The flame intake hole is on the end-face, not the side like in the aluminum bat. This makes it a little harder to locate the flame properly. We don't think this is a big issue, however, since the shape of the coil pipe provides some visibility.
2) The coil pipe is flexible and can be damaged by creating a permanent bend in the coils. However, the wire size is pretty large (0.050") so this will not happen with normal use, or from putting the pipe in your pocket or something. Even stepping on the pipe does not cause permanent deformation of the coils, so we consider this to be a theoretical concern. However, stepping on the pipe will crush the ceramic filter, FYI.
3) The coil pipe is flexible. Bending it causes gaps to open between the coils. Therefore, contents can spill from these gaps when the pipe is bent.

Spare replacement coils are available at reasonable cost if customers need replacements.

We are excited about this new vaporizing pipe. Please send us comments and suggestions.

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  • Manufactured by: VaporGenie

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