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VaporGenie VaporizerVaporGenie Vaporizer
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November 23, 2008

Up for review is the VaporGenie Vaporizer.  It is the cheapest vaporizer on the market, and also one of our top sellers.  With this "vaporizing pipe" one can use a traditional flame lighter or torch lighter to vaporize herbs or tobacco.  What makes this possible is a ceramic filter that is situated between the flame and the plant material.  This filter is heated by the flame and with inhalation the heat is sufficient to produce vapor.  We at hope you find this review helpful and informative.

Pros & Cons

  • Use it ANYWHERE, without ever having to charge a battery
  • Moderately efficient
  • Only costs $50
  • Very durable unit with no real breakable parts
  • Guaranteed for life


  • There is no temperature control
  • If the ceramic element gets too hot it can burn the herbs or tobacco
  • You can go through a lot of butane with flame powered units

THE BOTTOM LINE: The VaporGenie's approach is extremely innovative.  Using a flame instead of electricity for the heat source gives you a lot of flexibility that electric models lack.  This approach is gaining popularity, as there are now at least four or five flame powered portables on the market.  The technique takes some practice, but can be mastered in just a few nights.  The VaporGenie is efficient and effective and the price is right.  It is easy to pack and travel with a loaded chamber, and it looks like a normal pipe.  We found this pipe to be a great introductory unit for those new to vaporizing, as well as for anyone wanting a truly portable unit that works well.

VaporGenie Parts VaporGenie Size


There are three separate parts to the VaporGenie Vaporizer.  There is the main pipe stem, the detachable black plastic mouthpiece and the ceramic filter that screws down on top of the pipe stem.  When assembled the unit measures roughly 5 inches long and 3 inches tall.  The majority of the surfaces that you touch on the VaporGenie are made of wood with some metal components. The ceramic filter is 100% inert and does not contain metals that may contaminate vapor.  It is about 1 inch in diameter and screws tightly over the pipe stem.


VaporGenie FillingThe VaporGenie Vaporizer comes 100% assembled so the first thing you need to do is unscrew the ceramic heating element.  It should be fairly easy to take off.  Underneath it you will find a chamber with a screen on the bottom.  This is where you place your ground up herbs or tobacco.  Pack it loosely and below the top of the filing receptacle.  Once you’ve done this you can screw the ceramic filter back into place.  

VaporGenie with Lighter FlameGet a lighter (you can use a torch or flame lighter).  Hold the flame to the top of the ceramic element and take long, deep breaths.  The filter will blend cool air with the hot air from the heated ceramic element.  The unit will usually produce a little bit of vapor on the first inhale.  Second and third inhales produce thicker vapor.  By the fourth inhale, we usually start to get a little ‘burnt popcorn’ taste.  This is the sign that the material is spent.


  • The unit works better after the first filling, as it works best when warmed up.  Sometimes we left the spent tobacco in the chamber when done with it and did a couple inhales with it again at the beginning of the next session to warm things up before putting fresh tobacco in.
  • The wooden top that holds the ceramic filter gets pretty hot after a couple of fillings.  This makes it a little harder to open the unit to stir the contents.  We found that we could stir the contents by smacking the bottom of the unit against our palm and then sucking on the straw quickly.  Do this after each inhale for best results.
  • When learning how to use the VaporGenie, start by keeping the flame too far away and slowly move it closer to the ceramic filter.  This way you will learn how far the flame needs to be to vaporize without combustion. 
  • Both a torch lighter and a flame lighter will work with this unit.  While the torch lighter is almost essential outside to combat wind, it also is easier to accidentally burn the top of the unit.  When using a flame lighter, the flame won’t burn the unit as you position the flame above the ceramic filter and it only enters when you draw air through the unit.
  • Getting proficient at this unit helps to understand how vaporization works.  It really is up to you to get it right by getting the right combination of draw speed and distance from the flame.
  • We were able to achieve more control over vapor density by using the VaporGenie without the mouthpiece. It's also smaller and easier to carry without the mouthpiece.


The black mouthpieces can be detached and cleaned in rubbing alcohol or something similar.  The screen will definitely get used over time and the VaporGenie manufacturer will send you replacements screens and mouthpieces for free.  

At one point we tried this unit with some very finely ground herbs and we got some clogging.  A pipe cleaner was all it took to clean the pipe stem.

The ceramic element can get clogged with soot if you use a flame lighter and let the flame touch the element.  This is easily cleaned by one of two ways.  You can either use a torch lighter to burn the soot off or do as we did and use hot water.  We boiled a pot of water and, holding the top with thongs, slowly poured the water through both ends of the filter.  This cleaned it up very well.

That's all for the VaporGenie.  Next up will be the Phyto-lab.  Thanks for reading.
-- The VapeNow Staff

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