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30 November 2007 0 Comments

Phedor Vaporizer Review

The handheld Phedor Vaporizer is one of our top-selling models. We think this is likely due to the fact that it is highly portable. Its competition is somewhat lacking: the VaporGenie is not a true, electronic vaporizer and the Oxygen O2 Mini handheld has some design issues i.e. a tiny filling chamber. Read more about the Phedor in our most recent Staff Review.

There is clearly a lot demand for a good, portable vaporizer, but the technology is still catching up. The three handheld models we carry all approach vaporization differently. The Oxygen Mini is the only true, electronic vaporizer, but it’s still hard to scale all the components down. The VaporGenie mixes hot air from a lighter with cooler air. And the Phedor is a lot more like a lighter than a vaporizer. We’re interested to see how this area develops. Hopefully, good portable vaporizers will be available in the not-too-distant-future!

29 November 2007 0 Comments

Get Your VapeNow Stickers!

Exciting news! Over the past month we have been designing our brand new stickers. We received them early this week and have to say that we are very pleased with the results (the big margins are for printing and trimming purposes):

Sticker #1:


If anyone would like a free sticker or two, just send us your mailing address. We’ll send some stickers to you free of charge. We hope you all like the designs and would be happy to hear any suggestions/comments.

In vaporizer related news, there are a couple new developments you may be interested in.

  1. We are now carrying the Aromed 4.0. Like the Volcano, this herbal vaporizer is manufactured in Germany, hopefully the Aromed will prove to be as effective We’ve been testing it out and will post a full review soon. It’s cheaper than the Volcano at only $440 and uses a halogen bulb to heat the vaporizable material, which is pretty cool. It actually looks like a high tech, digital reading lamp instead of a vaporizer. The Aromed is availble in Euro or US plugs.
  2. We continue to wait for our first shipment of Vapezilla Classics. Hopefully they will arrive in time for Christmas!

We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and didn’t eat too much turkey.

Happy Holidays!

19 November 2007 0 Comments

The VaporTower Take 2

At first we were not very pleased with the VaporTower. However, after refining our inhalation technique we were able to get very nice results. Try setting the dial at about 1 o’clock and taking long slow inhales interspersed with shorter puffs. We have posted a full Staff Review on our site for those of you interested in the details. Our basic conclusion is that the VaporTower is a nice direct inhale vaporizer, perhaps the best on the market. It’s main competition seems to be the Vapor Cannon 3G. We also have more pictures of the VaporTower.

The VaporTower was created by

14 November 2007 0 Comments

Update on Super & Classic Vapezilla

Unfortunately we continue to be sold out of Super and Classic Vapezilla Vaporizers:

We received an email from Wicked Roots (the company that manufactures the Phedor, the Classic Vapezilla, and the Super Vapezilla Vaporizer models) yesterday saying that they were having supply problems due to the secondary CA Wildfires that are in the vicinity of their facilities. Our best wishes our with them.

We have plenty of Phedors in stock, but we don’t have any Super or Classic Vapezillas. Distribution is supposed to resume in December and we’re hoping to get Classic Vapezillas in stock for Christmas. The availability of the Super Vapezilla is less certain, which is unfortunate because it is their best vaporizer of the three they make. We will keep you posted with updates.

14 November 2007 0 Comments

HerbalAire Vaporizer Review

This post is a brief review of the HerbalAire Vaporizer. You can also read our full Staff Review of the HerbalAire.

The HerbalAire is one of the top 5 vaporizers on the market right now. It compares favorably to the S&B; Volcano, which is collectively recognized as the “best” vaporizer. Th HerbalAire generates vapor of similar density with the same efficiency of a Volcano. It’s also smaller, and more portable. You can use the HerbalAire without the air pump for direct inhale.

Best of all, at $250 the HerbalAire is substantially less expensive than the Volcano. The HerbalAire is not without it’s flaws, however. The air pump is downright horrible: bags can take 3-5 minutes to fill (30 seconds for the Volcano). The balloon is not a great design either, we made our own because the ones that come with the model are just too small. Additionally, you can’t close the balloon’s opening and vapor always gets out. Hopefully these problems will be fixed in the future. As is, the HerbalAire is just a “good model,” not a “great one,” but still perhaps the best option if a Volcano is too expensive.