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21 February 2008 45 Comments

Beware of this cheap Volcano knockoff

It’s recently come to our attention that a company has stolen Storz & Bickel’s design for the Volcano Classic Vaporizer and manufactured some of their own knockoffs, called “Fuji Vaporizers”. Do not buy these imitations. Although they are the same basic design (see picture below), the materials used are far inferior to the ones S&B; uses to make their vapes. The shell on the Fuji Vaporizer is plastic as opposed to metal. Other parts are also made of low quality plastic, which has a tendency to melt during use. This is a huge health risk. Steer clear of the Fuji Vaporizer.

20 February 2008 0 Comments

Volcanos Are BACK; Storz & Bickel resume importing popular Vaporizer

I just got off the phone with our distributor having received the best possible news ever: the S&B; Volcano, the cream of the vaporizer crop, is once again available in the U.S. We have just placed a large order and you may pre-order Volcanoes here. We have both the Digit and Classic models on the way and should be shipping them out to customers within a week. Volcano accessories and bags will become available shortly.
Storz & Bickel seem to have resolved their customs issues and, altough the company was definitely hurt by the situation in the short run, things seem to be back on track. So if you’ve been looking to purchase the best vaporizer currently on the market, congratulations, you finally can!