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24 March 2008 0 Comments

Vapezilla and SuperVapezilla Vaporizers Continue to be Unavailable for Wholesale

It’s been awhile size we’ve had the Vapezilla or Super Vapezilla vaporizers in stock. About a year ago this spring, Wicked Roots (the company that distributes these two models) informed us that the VapeZilla and Super Vapezilla would be unavailable for some time, which is a shame because we have had quite a few inquiries from customers.

When we checked back with Wicked Roots this past fall and were dismayed to learn that their operations had been disrupted by the wildfires that were going on in California at that time.

We had hoped things would be running smoothly by now, but our latest email elicited only this terse reply:

All wholesale orders have been suspended.


When we asked if they had any idea when things would resume they said that they “not have any idea at this time.”

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on with the Super Vapezilla and the Vapezilla Classic, but it sure is annoying. We still have some accessories, including glass whips and tubing, for the Super Vapezilla and the Vapezilla Classic vaporizers, but for the foreseeable future it seems that vaporizer enthusiasts will have to look elsewhere. If you’re already looking in this price range, we recommend the S&B; Volcano Vaporizer. And if anyone knows what’s going on or has heard through the grapevine, please let us know.