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25 August 2008 0 Comments

Extreme Vaporizer Pictures

The Extreme Vaporizer by Arizer is the latest model to hit the vaporizer market. It has been received very well, becoming popular in a matter of months thanks to it’s dual function direct-inhalation/balloon-style operation and it’s price: $290. We’ve posted a photo shoot of the Extreme Vaporizer with its accessories and being set up so non-owners can get a feel for the Extreme. And as always feel free to contact us with any questions. Take care, -VN

4 August 2008 10 Comments

Making the Volcano Vaporizer More Efficient

Lately, we’ve been experimenting with using different sized bags for the Volcano. The standard-sized bags or balloons that the Volcano vaporizer comes with only hold enough vapor for about four deep inhales. Then you have to take the mouthpiece off, start the Volcano up again, vaporize a whole new bag, and then put the mouthpiece back on before you can resume vaping. It’s not the biggest hassle ever, but it does get pretty repetitive.

While making our video of the 10 foot bag of vapor, we realized that — besides being awesome — the 10 ft bag also meant that we only had to fill it once instead of 5 times. However, 10 ft is a lot of vapor and the 10 ft balloon can get unwieldy when full, so we began experimenting with somewhat smaller sizes. During our experimentation we realized that using the bigger bag is not only easier it is also more efficient because you waste less vapor. Think about whenever you attach the Solid or Easy Valve on to the Volcano or take it them. There is always a little lost vapor; however, with the bigger bag you are taking the valve on and off the Volcano valve fewer total times per filling chamber, which maximizes your vapor by eliminating waste (how to make bigger bags with the Easy Valve).

The 10 ft party bag is clearly the most efficient in this regard because it only has to be taken on and off once per filling chamber, but 10 ft isn’t always the optimal size. Lately, we’ve been using a 3 ft long bag almost exclusively (at right). One filling chamber will fill the 3 ft bag up 4 times, which by our math equals 12 total ft of vapor. We usually fill the standard sized bags that Storz & Bickel manufacturer and package with the Volcano Vaporizer Digit systems, which are about 2 ft long, 5 times per filling chamber. That’s only 10 ft of vapor, so we’ve been enjoying our 2 ft bonus a lot and wanted to pass on the tip. Keep vaping!