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An Explanation of Box Vaporizers

Box Vaporizers were one of the first styles of vapes to become widely popular. They are relatively cheap ($100-$200), but still very functional. All Box-Style Vaporizers share similar designs: they consist of a box, which houses the cylindrical heating element, and a whip, which is basically a piece of plastic tube with a glass mouthpiece on one end and a glass opening on the other end that fits over the heating element. They are also all direct-inhale. To use, you turn the vape on, let it heat up, fill your vaporizer whip with material, place the whip over the heating element, and inhale the vapor.

Although the operation of box vaporizers is fairly straightforward, there is a degree of technique involve in the inhalation. You must modulate your breath to achieve the proper rate of airflow past the heating element. Try experiment with short puffs and then long, deep, slow inhales to get a sense of what results from different inhalation styles. Once you figure out how to use a box vaporizer, such as the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer, it can be very rewarding; however, there is a learning curve.

Other models of box-style vapes include the VaporCannon Vaporizer, the VaporBox, and the VaporTower Vaporizer. All these modules come with a standard vapor whip and you can upgrade to a hands free whip for $10-$20 depending on the model.

You’ll notice that the all the VaporTower is the only model that stands upright. All other box vaporizers are slightly angled upwards. According to the manufacturer of the VaporTower and the VaporBox:

“There is really no benefit to trying the VaporBox if you are using a VaporTower. The design of all angled boxes, including the VaporBox is flawed and inferior. Reason is gravity, the herbs falls down to the tip of the heater and/or into the box. We came up with the VaporTower idea by simply flipping over a VaporBox and holding it with the heater pointing straight down so herbs would sit flat on the screen instead of on the glass inner handkit. It was so much better that we designed the VaporTower with vertical placement vs. horizontal or some arbitrary angle. Yet the angled boxes are still more popular due to being on the market for 8 years now.”

These claims agree with our experience. The VaporTower is the best box-style vaporizer that we have used to date. The vertical design makes a lot of sense when you take into account that hot air rises, something that other box vapes seem to have overlooked.

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