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11 March 2014 0 Comments

Wispr Portable Vaporizer by Oglesby & Butler

Wispr Portable Vaporizer by Oglesby & ButlerThe Wispr vaporizer is manufactured by same company that makes the very popular Iolite portable vaporizer:  Ogelsby & Butler. The Wispr improves upon the iolite with an redesigned butane heating element and control thermostat to maximize vapor efficiency. Wispr vaporizer also comes in a wide  range of colors.

The beautify of the Wispr Vaporizer is its butane battery.  You don’t have to worry about the charger or battery the Wispr is powered by Butane gas available in almost every convenience stores.

To fill with butane gas simply insert the filling nozzle onto the Wispr’s gas valve located at the bottom of the unit. After a few seconds you will see and hear the chamber start to overflow which means it’s filled up. After filling the butane you need to wait few minutes for it to settle before pressing the starter. There is a viewing window on the Wispr to keep track of the butane gas level. The Wispr Vaporizer has enough room to hold 500mg of butane gas, which lasts for approximately 30 minutes of continuous vaporizing.

The Wispr portable vaporizer works by creating a catalytic reaction between butane and oxygen with an exhaust system to expel the leftover butane. The catalytic heater with bi-metal thermostat ensures that your aromatic plant materials are heated precisely.


The Wispr Vaporizer gives you the ultimate luxury of functionality and portability. It is ideal for users of different levels whether you are a light or frequent user. It’s smart and innovative design make it very simple to operate. Each unit includes a 2 year warranty that covers any defect associated with the product.