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5 May 2014 1 Comment

Viva La Vape Patriot Vaporizer

Viva La Vape Patriot Vaporizer

Viva La Vape Patriot Vaporizer

The Viva La Vape Patriot vaporizer is a new portable pen vaporizer which is capable of vaporizing dry aromatic plant material as well as essential oils. This vaporizer has 2 chambers one for dry plant material and other one for the essential oils.

It features a one-button activation system and offers complete portability with discreet operation. The Patriot utilizes an auto-shutoff timer that prevents overheating and extends the overall battery life of the unit. At only 6 inches long, the Patriot is small enough to fit inside your pocket or purse and can be used virtually anywhere.

With Essential Oils: Attach the liquid tank to the Patriot vape battery and drip the required amount. Its better to fill the chamber 3/4 of the way. Re-attach the mouthpiece and then unlock the Patriot by clicking the power button five times; the button flashes to know it’s ready, inhale gently for a smooth vape.

With Aromatherapy materials: Attach the dry plant material heating chamber to your Patriot vape battery, then remove the mouthpiece and insert the required amount of aromatic plant materials into the chamber. Make sure not to overload the chamber, because the mouthpiece features a spring that will pack the material down.

The Patriot utilizes an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating and extend the overall life of the battery. When it’s not in use, the Patriot Vaporizer comes with a USB Cable and an AC Adapter so you’re never far from a full charge of your Viva La Vape Patriot.

The Viva La Vape Patriot is slim and compact pen style vaporizer which is approximately 6” long. Its easy to operate with one button operation and is completely portable. This Patriot vaporizer has a rechargeable battery with two convenient charging options, USB as well as AC adapter’s included with the package. The Viva La Vape Patriot vaporizer comes with 3 month manufactures warranty only on the battery.