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Handheld Vaporizers

Some of our most popular models are the handheld vaporizers. It’s pretty clear to us that people value the portability of such models — I sure do. However, there is a big difference between a portable vaporizer that needs to be plugged in and one that does not. Having to plug in a portable vaporizer severely restricts where you can use it. There are adapters available for car use, but if you are more than 10 feet away from an outlet then you are pretty much out of luck (unless of course you are the type to haul a gas generator around with you).

Unfortunately, there are very few true cordless vaporizers currently on the market. Vapir manufactures two cordless models. One simply goes by the name Vapir Cordless. This is an older model and Vapir hasn’t had them in stock for awhile, I’m not sure if they are even still being produced.

The other Vapir model is the Oxygen mini-vaporizer. It lives up to its name: it’s about the same size as a stapler and is available with an optional rechargeable battery. This is our most popular handheld vape — customers tell me they like its price, its digital display (a mini digital vaporizer for under $100 is a great deal), and, you guessed it, the fact they can take it anywhere. I’ve included a testimonial from one of our customers at the bottom of this post.

The 3rd and final handheld vape on the market is the Vaporgenie. Unlike most vaporizers, it uses an open flame to create heat. The flame is modulated through a special ceramic filter to mix it with air. It may not be as clean as an electric vape, but you sure can take it anywhere as long as you have a butane lighter.

Hopefully people will find some helpful info in here. ‘Til next time, -VN

Testimonials for the Vapir Oxygen

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