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Magic Flight Launch Box Staff Review Posted

The Magic Flight Launch Box is the most recent portable vaporizer to hit the market.  With the ability to power itself from a AA battery it is a very easy and convenient herbal vaporizer to use.  When you buy the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer you also get some rechargeable AA batteries and a battery charger so you don’t have to worry about buying tons of batteries or a charger.

Magic Flight  Launch Box Vaporizer

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

For those who wish to learn more about the Launch Box, we posted a Staff Review today that takes an in depth look at this great portable vape.  Thanks for reading!


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The iolite Portable Vaporizer

It’s hard not to like the iolite Handheld Vaporizer. It’s healthy, it’s cordless – you can literally take it anywhere – and it delivers.

The iolite Vaporizer is the latest portable vaporizer model to be introduced to the market. It is manufactured in Ireland by Oglesby and Butler Ltd. Unlike other portable models it requires no batteries or open flames; it is a new kind of vaporizer that uses butane to heat instead of electricity and is therefore quite portable. The iolite is a true pocket size vaporizer and its patented technology generates optimum vaporization temperatures within 45 seconds (although we have found that waiting a little longer – 2-3 minutes – improves vapor quality).

Construction :
The iolite portable vaporizer fits in the palm of our hand and is about the size of a mobile phone or a cigarette pack. It weighs about 81 grams or 2.8 oz.

The material used is of food and medical grade plastics which are approved by FDA, and also adhere ISO: 9001-2001 strict quality guidelines. More from the manufacturer, Oglesby and Butler Limited:

The outside plastic is not your everyday plastic; it is ‘Ultem 1000’ which is FDA and United States Pharmacoepia Class VI compliant. Ultem 1000 is a thermoplastic polyetherimide high heat polymer designed by General Electric. It is also commonly machined into parts for reusable medical devices, electrical/electronic insulators and a variety of structural components requiring high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures.
The reason we picked this plastic was because it has low thermal conductivity. If we used metal or other far cheaper plastics like glass filled nylon we could not make it so small without burning your hand off.

The internal plastics are made from DuPont Automotive Zenite liquid crystal polymer, which also has a very low thermal conductivity and is FDA approval for use in repeated food-contact applications. Zenite liquid crystal polymer is also used in auto ignition fuel handling, ovenware and the aerospace industry and for fuel or gas barrier structures.

The attention paid by the manufacturer to using quality plastic is very nice to see as this can be a problematic area for some vaporizer models.

The iolite vaporizer uses a patented flameless gas catalytic heater to power the unit and a thermostatic controlled bi-metal regulator to stabilize temperature. It is ignited easily and reaches vaporizing temperature in 45 seconds to 60 seconds. The regulator is very similar to the one used by S&B; in the Volcano Classic, so it’s definitely precise. The iolite is able to maintain 374°F or 190°C +/- 5°F.

The iolite Vaporizer is new competition for portable battery-powered vaporizers like the Volatizer VM3 and the O2 Oxygen Mini Handheld. The iolite butane heating system has two notable advantages: 1) it can outlast the VM3 and Oxygen batteries and 2) The butane heater is also not subject to shorter charge times down the line as are the batteries. At $249, the iolite is $200 cheaper than the VM3, and about twice as expensive as the Oxygen Mini with the optional battery. However, in our opinion the vapor quality of the iolite is superior to both of the other models.

For those who are fans of lighter-powered vaporizers like the VaporGenie, the Phyto-Lab, or the Vapman, the iolite is an interesting alternative. It is significantly more expensive, but you never have to worry about combustion because the iolite eliminates the imprecision of lighter-powered vapes.

We hope the info and comparisons are helpful, please contact us with any questions or comments. -VN

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More Staff Vaporizer Reviews Added!

We wanted to let everyone know that we have been expanding our Staff Review Section at VapeNow.com as part of our continued effort to provide objective information about all types of vaporizers. We have come up on a new system to ensure that new vape reviews are added on a weekly basis weekly. Each of our Staff Reviews gives a complete description of a specific vaporizer model, including the materials used, the cons and pros, how to use the vape , and some useful tips on handling the Vape.

A few Staff Reviews that we have recently added (reviews include pictures):

  1. The Extreme Vaporizer by Arizer — The Extreme Vaporizer is one of the most versatile dual use (balloon and direct-inhale) vaporizers on the market.
  2. The iolite Vaporizer by Oglesby & Butler Ltd — The iolite is a revolutionary portable vaporizer that uses a butane heater instead of batteries or flames.
  3. The Vapor Brothers Original Vaporizer by Vapor Brothers – The Vapor Brothers Original Vaporizer is the standard for whip-based/direct-inhale units.
  4. The Purple Days Vaporizer by Purple Days –The Purple Days Vaporizer uses unique vapor tubes and patented heating technology to provide rich vapor.
  5. The V-Tower Vaporizer by Arizer – The V-Tower Vaporizer is the same as the Extreme, but without balloons. So if you just like direct inhale, this unit gives you more bang for your buck.

We’re aware how hard it can be to find objective information about vaporizers online – indeed a lot of what is out there is propaganda put out by various manufacturers (we won’t name names, but they know who they are) — and we hope the information in these reviews is helpful. We do our best to be objective when testing at VapeNow. Thanks,
–The VapeNow Staff

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Lighter Powered Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are consistently some of our best selling models, which makes sense – it’s nice to have a vaporizer you can take anywhere with you. One issue related to portability though is the fact that many so-called “portable” vaporizers require electricity. There are only a couple handheld electric vaporizers that come with rechargeable batteries – they Oxygen Mini and the Volatizer VM3 – and while they do work, the technology definitely stands to be improved. Another approach to portability has been Lighter Powered Portable Vaporizers, such as the Phyto Lab Vaporizer, The VaporGenie Handheld, and the Vapman Portable Vaporizer, that use flame instead of electricity to heat the vaporizer to the right temperature. Each model uses a different style and we will review them all. The best part about lighter vaporizers is that you don’t need electricity, just a lighter; also they are very light and portable too.

Let’s go through the top 3 Lighter Powered Portable Vaporizers: the Phyto Lab Vaporizer ($109), the VaporGenie ($49.99), and the Vapman ($139).

The Phyto Lab Vaporizer:
The Phyto-Lab Vaporizer is manufactured in Switzerland and is new to the U.S. market in. The Phyto-Lab Vaporizer is a handheld portable model that heats with a jet-flame lighter. It is built to high quality standards using medical grade materials. The Phyto-Lab is designed for all kinds of material i.e. solid or liquid. Due to aluminum radiance and air circulation, Phyto-Lab evaporates more active elements in both high as well as low temperature without burning, which is a problem with some of the other lighter powered vaporizers. Phyto Lab claims that their model is “more efficient, proper, durable and reliable when compared to VaporGenie and Vapman.” Since the Phyto Labs Handheld Vaporizer is made almost entirely of metal, the durability claims seem reasonable. I was also able to get better vapor with no burning with the Phyto Lab, compared to my use of the VaporGenie and Vapman.

The price of Phyto Lab Vaporizer is in the mid range for lighter powered vapes at $109. It is comparatively less than the Vapman, but about twice the price of a VaporGenie.

The VaporGenie:
The VaporGenie is made in the U.S and is one of our most popular models. It uses a lighter or match, but never lets the flame touch the herb: the VaporGenie has an inert, high temperature ceramic filter that prevents the flame from contacting the herbal blend. The filter mixes cool air with flame providing gentle heat for vaporization. The filter does not deteriorate or burn, and will never need replacement. This technology is called ‘flame filter’ technology. The VaporGenie is very durable unit with no real breakable parts when used correctly. Incorrect use may damage the ceramic filter, so refrain from poking at it or trying to take it out. VaporGenie sells replacement parts if you ever need one.

Compared to the Phyto-Lab & Vapman vaporizers, the VaporGenie is the cheapest model at just $49.99.

The Vapman
The Vapman Vaporizer also made in Switzerland. It is the most portable vaporizer in the market today. It comes with a slick egg-sized carrying case that can easily be slid into your pockets or purse. The Vapman is heated by a pre-filled butane torch that is included with the vaporizer. Vapman is easy to light once you insert the herb in the receptacle, you could simply screw the mouthpiece on and use the lighter to heat the other side of the metal compartment. The handmade wood casing around the metal components keeps you safe during this process. It is hand crafted and produces high quality vapor when used properly.

The Vapman is the most expensive of these three vaporizers at $139.00. If you want portability though, check this unit out.

We hope these comparisons are helpful, please contact us with any questions or comments. -VN

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Extreme Vaporizer Pictures

The Extreme Vaporizer by Arizer is the latest model to hit the vaporizer market. It has been received very well, becoming popular in a matter of months thanks to it’s dual function direct-inhalation/balloon-style operation and it’s price: $290. We’ve posted a photo shoot of the Extreme Vaporizer with its accessories and being set up so non-owners can get a feel for the Extreme. And as always feel free to contact us with any questions. Take care, -VN

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Making the Volcano Vaporizer More Efficient

Lately, we’ve been experimenting with using different sized bags for the Volcano. The standard-sized bags or balloons that the Volcano vaporizer comes with only hold enough vapor for about four deep inhales. Then you have to take the mouthpiece off, start the Volcano up again, vaporize a whole new bag, and then put the mouthpiece back on before you can resume vaping. It’s not the biggest hassle ever, but it does get pretty repetitive.

While making our video of the 10 foot bag of vapor, we realized that — besides being awesome — the 10 ft bag also meant that we only had to fill it once instead of 5 times. However, 10 ft is a lot of vapor and the 10 ft balloon can get unwieldy when full, so we began experimenting with somewhat smaller sizes. During our experimentation we realized that using the bigger bag is not only easier it is also more efficient because you waste less vapor. Think about whenever you attach the Solid or Easy Valve on to the Volcano or take it them. There is always a little lost vapor; however, with the bigger bag you are taking the valve on and off the Volcano valve fewer total times per filling chamber, which maximizes your vapor by eliminating waste (how to make bigger bags with the Easy Valve).

The 10 ft party bag is clearly the most efficient in this regard because it only has to be taken on and off once per filling chamber, but 10 ft isn’t always the optimal size. Lately, we’ve been using a 3 ft long bag almost exclusively (at right). One filling chamber will fill the 3 ft bag up 4 times, which by our math equals 12 total ft of vapor. We usually fill the standard sized bags that Storz & Bickel manufacturer and package with the Volcano Vaporizer Digit systems, which are about 2 ft long, 5 times per filling chamber. That’s only 10 ft of vapor, so we’ve been enjoying our 2 ft bonus a lot and wanted to pass on the tip. Keep vaping!


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Video of the VaporGenie Handheld Vaporizer

The VaporGenie is unlike most vaporizers in that it uses an open flame instead of electricity for its heat source:

Being able to use a lighter — torch-style butane is recommended — instead of electricity (either in the form of a battery that needs recharging or an outlet that you can’t take anywhere) with the VaporGenie means that it is a very portable vaporizer. The VaporGenie works by filtering the hot air from the lighter through a special ceramic filter, which is in the top part that screws on, that cools the air to a temperature that is appropriate for vaporizing by mixing it with cooler air. The drawback of the lighter is that if you’re not careful you can burn whatever you are trying to vaporize: there is a little technique required. Another plus of the VaporGenie is that it is one of the cheapest vaporizers, retailing for $49.

Please see the VaporGenie Staff Review for more information.

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Volatizer VM3 Portable Vaporizer Video Tutorial

The Volatizer VM3 is a portable vaporizer manufactured by Chiro-Tec. Below is a video run-through of its operation:

The Volatizer VM3 is very well designed from a functional standpoint. It fits in the palm of your hand –about the size of two cigarette packs back-to-back — with no exposed parts. The mouthpiece retracts beneath a sliding cover when not in use. A similar sliding cover gives access to the chamber where ceramic discs pre-filled with vaporizables are inserted. While the VM3′s form is very elegant, it’s price ($449) is somewhat steep considering that most other portable or handheld vaporizers retail for well under $150.

The main reason to pay the extra $300 for the Volatizer is that it is the most portable electronic vaporizer on the marker. It has an internal, rechargeable lithium-ion battery whereas other so-called “portable” vaporizers require an optional, external battery or sometimes even an actual outlet. The VM3 also has an easy-to-read digital display and comes with faux-leather carrying case. Like other portable or hand-held vaporizers, the main problem with the Volatizer VM3 is that the discs that one loads are pretty small and only yield so much vapor.

We will be posting a complete Staff Review of the Volatizer VM3 Handheld Vaporizer in the near future, in the meantime please enjoy the video.

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Vapir Oxygen O2 Mini Vaporizer Video

The Oxgyen Mini-Vaporizer by Vapir has consistently been one of our best selling models.

Portability seems to be a significant consideration for many vaporizer users. The scope of portable and handheld vaporizers currently available is pretty limited. The Oxygen O2 Mini may be the best of the bunch, especially if you consider its price — $99 — versus other models such as the Volatizer VM3. For what it is, the Oxygen works well. You wouldn’t want to use it for more than 1-2 people as emptying and refilling would be a huge hassle. A car charger and an external battery are also available for the O2 Mini. We’ll also be posting a Staff Review of the O2 shortly (feel free to submit your own reviews). Enjoy the video!

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New: The Extreme Vaporizer by Arizer

We’re excited to announce the addition of a new vaporizer model to our store. It is the Extreme Vaporizer by Arizer:

Although we haven’t had a chance to test this vapo model extensively, our first impressions are mostly positive. The Extreme produces good vapor that is fairly dense. The unit itself is well designed with a back-lit LED and easy controls. It even has a remote for long distance operation (this is a vaporizer first as far as we know). It’s price of $269 is reasonable too. The only real drawback of the Extreme Vaporizer is that it is not as user friendly as the Volcano or herbalAire. One has to connect a bunch of glass pieces and plastic tubing to fill bags. Direct-inhale use is a lot simpler, but here at VapeNow we are very partial to our balloon-style vapes. Overall we are pleased to see another decent vaporizer on the market after having tried out the Extreme a few times. It’s a sign that vaporizer technology and vaporizers themselves will keep getting better and less expensive.