21 February 2008 43 Comments

Beware of this cheap Volcano knockoff

It’s recently come to our attention that a company has stolen Storz & Bickel’s design for the Volcano Classic Vaporizer and manufactured some of their own knockoffs, called “Fuji Vaporizers”. Do not buy these imitations. Although they are the same basic design (see picture below), the materials used are far inferior to the ones S&B; uses to make their vapes. The shell on the Fuji Vaporizer is plastic as opposed to metal. Other parts are also made of low quality plastic, which has a tendency to melt during use. This is a huge health risk. Steer clear of the Fuji Vaporizer.

20 February 2008 0 Comments

Volcanos Are BACK; Storz & Bickel resume importing popular Vaporizer

I just got off the phone with our distributor having received the best possible news ever: the S&B; Volcano, the cream of the vaporizer crop, is once again available in the U.S. We have just placed a large order and you may pre-order Volcanoes here. We have both the Digit and Classic models on the way and should be shipping them out to customers within a week. Volcano accessories and bags will become available shortly.
Storz & Bickel seem to have resolved their customs issues and, altough the company was definitely hurt by the situation in the short run, things seem to be back on track. So if you’ve been looking to purchase the best vaporizer currently on the market, congratulations, you finally can!

31 January 2008 0 Comments

The Elusive Volcano Vaporizer

It’s been awhile since we first announced the shortage of Volcano Digits and Classics and the supply chain problems Storz & Bickel were having. Since then we have had a number of inquiries regarding the availability of Volcanoes.

The good news is that S&B; is planning to have Volcano Vaporizers (both Digits and Classics) available in the U.S. They have not suspended import, they have only run into some supply chain issues, which they are working to correct. In an interview he gave on January 21st, Michael Schwartz, S&B;’s head of marketing, reaffirmed this fact, stating that S&B; Volcanoes would be available within the next two weeks (Feb 5th by our count). We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this is true and will keep updating our blog as things develop. Not being able to purchase the best vaporizer around is a drag. Until then… Stay up!

14 January 2008 0 Comments

An Explanation of Box Vaporizers

Box Vaporizers were one of the first styles of vapes to become widely popular. They are relatively cheap ($100-$200), but still very functional. All Box-Style Vaporizers share similar designs: they consist of a box, which houses the cylindrical heating element, and a whip, which is basically a piece of plastic tube with a glass mouthpiece on one end and a glass opening on the other end that fits over the heating element. They are also all direct-inhale. To use, you turn the vape on, let it heat up, fill your vaporizer whip with material, place the whip over the heating element, and inhale the vapor.

Although the operation of box vaporizers is fairly straightforward, there is a degree of technique involve in the inhalation. You must modulate your breath to achieve the proper rate of airflow past the heating element. Try experiment with short puffs and then long, deep, slow inhales to get a sense of what results from different inhalation styles. Once you figure out how to use a box vaporizer, such as the Vaporbrothers Vaporizer, it can be very rewarding; however, there is a learning curve.

Other models of box-style vapes include the VaporCannon Vaporizer, the VaporBox, and the VaporTower Vaporizer. All these modules come with a standard vapor whip and you can upgrade to a hands free whip for $10-$20 depending on the model.

You’ll notice that the all the VaporTower is the only model that stands upright. All other box vaporizers are slightly angled upwards. According to the manufacturer of the VaporTower and the VaporBox:

“There is really no benefit to trying the VaporBox if you are using a VaporTower. The design of all angled boxes, including the VaporBox is flawed and inferior. Reason is gravity, the herbs falls down to the tip of the heater and/or into the box. We came up with the VaporTower idea by simply flipping over a VaporBox and holding it with the heater pointing straight down so herbs would sit flat on the screen instead of on the glass inner handkit. It was so much better that we designed the VaporTower with vertical placement vs. horizontal or some arbitrary angle. Yet the angled boxes are still more popular due to being on the market for 8 years now.”

These claims agree with our experience. The VaporTower is the best box-style vaporizer that we have used to date. The vertical design makes a lot of sense when you take into account that hot air rises, something that other box vapes seem to have overlooked.

7 January 2008 0 Comments

VapeNow T-Shirts Are Here!

We want to let everyone know that have designed our first edition Official VapeNow.com T-Shirts. The shirts read “VapeNow: It’s not a Pipe Dream” on the front and features an artistic rendition of VapeNow.com on the back. We have them in Carolina blue, Burnt orange and Natural cotton. They are 100% Authentic pre-shrunk Hanes Tagless T-Shirts. Be the first on your block to rock one. Sizes S-XXL.

3 January 2008 1 Comment

VooDoo v5.0 Vaporizers Available Again

We received some good news from Pyro Products today. They notified us that their popular VooDoo Vaporizer model is available again. Version 5.0 of the VooDoo incorporates a better fan and higher quality heating elements. However, there are only a limited number of these available so place your orders now if you want to make sure to get one!

12 December 2007 0 Comments

herbalAire H2.1 Vaporizer Video

Our most recent video features the herbalAire Vaporizer by herbalAire Ltd. Fine work again by T. Peters.

As we’ve said before, the herbalAire is in our opinion the second best vaporizer on the market right now, after the Volcano. It is very efficient and easy to use. Read our Staff Review on the herbalAire.

12 December 2007 0 Comments

The AroMed Vaporizer 4.0

This video features the AroMed 4.0 Vaporizer by Research & Experience. Thanks to T. Peters for his expert hand modeling.

The AroMed 4 is a direct inhale vaporizer. However, it is much different than other direct inhale units, such as the VaporTower or VaporCannon. The AroMed uses a halogen bulb instead of a ceramic heating element for a heat sources, which is a kind of cool feature. The whole setup looks more like a chemistry class that ran into a desk lamp than a vaporizer, but it does produce vapor. We haven’t used it enough to decided whether we like it or not. Once we do, we’ll post a full review. -VN

11 December 2007 0 Comments

VapeNow: Your Official North American herbalAire Distributor

We pleased to announce that VapeNow is now the Official North American distributor for the herbalAire Vaporizer! With the recent closing of S&B; America and the subsequent drying up of the Volcano Vaporizer supply, the herbalAire is now the best balloon-style vaporizer on the American market. It’s much cheaper than the Volcano, but it may be even more efficient. As an added bonus the herbalAire can also be used for direct inhale as well.

If you are a qualified retail outlet or distributor interested in carrying the herbalAire, please visit our Wholesale section for more info.

6 December 2007 3 Comments

S&B No Longer Importing Volcanoes to the U.S.

We were shocked and dismayed last week when we learned that Storz & Bickel America is closing its doors at the end of 2007 and, even worse, S&B; is no longer importing the Volcano Classic or Digit models to the U.S.

This is bad news coming in the middle of the Holiday Season. We are entirely sold out of Digits, but we do have some Classics in stock. Get them while you can! We also have some assorted parts and extra bags, but it seems as if these may be in short supply soon too. Hopefully someone will make Volcanoes available in the U.S. before too long. We have already been talking to a few people about this and it seems likely, but not for some time.

The Volcano Digit and Classic Vaporizers are by far the best models on the market; however, in light of S&B;’s decision to discontinue importing them we believe that the best vaporizer model left on the U.S. market is the herbalAire. It is less expensive than the Volcano, while still extracting the same amount of vapor. Only problem is that it has a much slower pump. Read our herbalAire Staff Review.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any developments with regard to Volcanoes, thanks for reading. -VN