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Atmos Ole Portable Vaporizer

Atmos Ole Portable Vaporizer

Atmos Ole Portable Vaporizer

The Atmos Ole Portable Vaporizer  is a high performance vaporizer for aromatic essential oils or e-liquid that features a fast acting battery with one touch activation.

This vaporizer has no waiting time; it heats up in a matter of seconds. The Ole was designed to be a very easy to use vape; there is no huge instruction manual or challenging techniques that must be mastered prior to vaping, just press the activation button and it’s ready for use.

During vaporization, the Ole heats the aromatic essential oils and they are quickly turned into vapor, which contains their active compounds. The Atmos Ole Vaporizer uses special technology to ensure that every inhale is flavorful, dense vapor. It also has a measuring scale on the side of the cartridge which allows you to see how much e-liquid you have in your vaporizer.

Top operate the Ole Portable vape, remove the mouth piece, fill in your desired aromatic essential oils and then replace the mouthpiece. Unlock the battery by pressing the power button 5 times. You will see the Ole LED blinking to indicate that it’s unlocked. Once it is ready, then press the button and inhale for about 3-5 seconds.

The Atmos Ole clearomizer can be cleaned out using a 90% isopropyl alcohol solution rinse. To charge your Atmos Ole, simply plug it into the USB charger included with the vaporizer to charge at any computer or USB adapter point. We recommend charging your battery fully between uses. This preserves battery life and ensures consistent heating every time.


It’s ease of filling aromatic essential oils and one touch activation, the compact and portable design, and the great price that makes the Ole stand out from the competition. It is available in variety of colors and comes with a 3 month warranty on the batteries. The price for Atmos Ole Vaporizer is $39.99.