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Lighter Powered Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are consistently some of our best selling models, which makes sense – it’s nice to have a vaporizer you can take anywhere with you. One issue related to portability though is the fact that many so-called “portable” vaporizers require electricity. There are only a couple handheld electric vaporizers that come with rechargeable batteries – they Oxygen Mini and the Volatizer VM3 – and while they do work, the technology definitely stands to be improved. Another approach to portability has been Lighter Powered Portable Vaporizers, such as the Phyto Lab Vaporizer, The VaporGenie Handheld, and the Vapman Portable Vaporizer, that use flame instead of electricity to heat the vaporizer to the right temperature. Each model uses a different style and we will review them all. The best part about lighter vaporizers is that you don’t need electricity, just a lighter; also they are very light and portable too.

Let’s go through the top 3 Lighter Powered Portable Vaporizers: the Phyto Lab Vaporizer ($109), the VaporGenie ($49.99), and the Vapman ($139).

The Phyto Lab Vaporizer:
The Phyto-Lab Vaporizer is manufactured in Switzerland and is new to the U.S. market in. The Phyto-Lab Vaporizer is a handheld portable model that heats with a jet-flame lighter. It is built to high quality standards using medical grade materials. The Phyto-Lab is designed for all kinds of material i.e. solid or liquid. Due to aluminum radiance and air circulation, Phyto-Lab evaporates more active elements in both high as well as low temperature without burning, which is a problem with some of the other lighter powered vaporizers. Phyto Lab claims that their model is “more efficient, proper, durable and reliable when compared to VaporGenie and Vapman.” Since the Phyto Labs Handheld Vaporizer is made almost entirely of metal, the durability claims seem reasonable. I was also able to get better vapor with no burning with the Phyto Lab, compared to my use of the VaporGenie and Vapman.

The price of Phyto Lab Vaporizer is in the mid range for lighter powered vapes at $109. It is comparatively less than the Vapman, but about twice the price of a VaporGenie.

The VaporGenie:
The VaporGenie is made in the U.S and is one of our most popular models. It uses a lighter or match, but never lets the flame touch the herb: the VaporGenie has an inert, high temperature ceramic filter that prevents the flame from contacting the herbal blend. The filter mixes cool air with flame providing gentle heat for vaporization. The filter does not deteriorate or burn, and will never need replacement. This technology is called ‘flame filter’ technology. The VaporGenie is very durable unit with no real breakable parts when used correctly. Incorrect use may damage the ceramic filter, so refrain from poking at it or trying to take it out. VaporGenie sells replacement parts if you ever need one.

Compared to the Phyto-Lab & Vapman vaporizers, the VaporGenie is the cheapest model at just $49.99.

The Vapman
The Vapman Vaporizer also made in Switzerland. It is the most portable vaporizer in the market today. It comes with a slick egg-sized carrying case that can easily be slid into your pockets or purse. The Vapman is heated by a pre-filled butane torch that is included with the vaporizer. Vapman is easy to light once you insert the herb in the receptacle, you could simply screw the mouthpiece on and use the lighter to heat the other side of the metal compartment. The handmade wood casing around the metal components keeps you safe during this process. It is hand crafted and produces high quality vapor when used properly.

The Vapman is the most expensive of these three vaporizers at $139.00. If you want portability though, check this unit out.

We hope these comparisons are helpful, please contact us with any questions or comments. -VN