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The Vapolution Vaporizer 2.0

The Vapolution Vaporizer 2.0

The Vapolution Vaporizer 2.0

The Vapolution company was founded in 2000 by two engineers who had a vision to vaporize aromatic plant material in a healthier way. The Vapolution 1.0 was the first truly glass on glass vaporizer. The Vapolution 2.0 improves on the design and the result is an even better vaporizer.

Flip the switch to ON the vaporizer. A knob is provided for temperature setting:  a 6 o’clock position is the lowest and a 4 o’clock position is the highest. You do not need to grind aromatic plant material for use with the Vapolution.  Simply break into pieces small enough to slide in the mouthpiece. Place on top of the pre-heated vaporizer. A slow and steady draw produces the best quality vapor.

Although it needs to be plugged in, the Vapolution vaporizer is light weight, which makes in portable in all other respects. The Vapolution vaporizer has a unique design that makes it very convenient to operate.  The Vapolution portable vaporizer comes with a standard power adapter as well as a 12V car adapter.  A rechargeable battery is available optionally.

The Vapolution 2.0 is notable for both its ease of use and completely glass vapor pathway – from the custom glass heating element to the glass mouthpiece. The result is incredibly pure vapor that allows the flavor of aromatic plant materials to stand out.

The Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer was also designed with safety in mind and features a built in safety featured that renders the vaporizer incapable of overheating when left on low power even for a very long time.


The Vapolution Vaporizer 2.0 is convenient to use, direct-inhale style vaporizer, no bag systems here.  While it does require an electrical plug (or the car adapter) its light weight makes it easily portable.  Its most notable feature is its 100% glass vapor pathway, which results in very pure, flavorful vapor. It costs $174.90 and comes with a limited life time warranty.

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  1. Jose 26 November 2014 at 12:19 pm #

    I ordered a Pax and it shluod be here any day now! I’m SUPER excited. But I’ve been reading about the pre burn cycle and I had a few questions:1) How long shluod I pre burn for? Like how many minutes?2) How many times shluod I pre burn before using it?3) Do I draw off it or just let it heat up and that’s it?4) Won’t it turn off if I’m not actively using it? Meaning, if I’m not drawing off it, doesn’t the Pax go into sleep mode?5) What temp setting is best for the pre burn? I would assume the highest temp but I wanted to get some input.Thanks in advance!JC

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