Volatizer VM2 Black Beauty Vaporizer
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Volatizer VM2 Black Beauty Vaporizer


The NEW and improved Volatizer VM2 Black Beauty Vaporizer Features:
  • Stronger, More Consistent Heating
  • New, Wider Bowl
  • Carrying Case
  • Water Filtration!

The VOLATIZER® M2 is so fast, efficient and easy to use that once you have tried it, you will never go back to yesterday’s technology!The patented, smokeless, Vortex Volatization™ extraction process achieves the same desired benefit while using only a fraction of the material.

The VM2 Volatizer is very popular among users because it extracts pure and quality vapors from the least amount of biomass without smoke. The efficient and smokeless nature of the Volatizer® represents a breakthrough in aroma. The Volatizer®’s patented, rapid-onset and smokeless nature renders obsolete the old fashioned methods of burning botanicals or topically applying essential oils. Not only does it deliver the benefits of whatever material is used in an almost immediate fashion, thanks to its exclusive Vortex Volatization process, only a fraction of the amount of biomass or essential oil ordinarily used is necessary to achieve the desired effect. Experience the Volatizer - Plant Essence Technology at its best - and you will never go back to yesterday's technology.

Kit Includes:
  • M2 Heating Unit
  • Glass Bowl Attachment
  • Power Supply
  • Leather Carry Case
** Water Reservoir and Water Filtration Systems are NOT Included **

  • Manufactured by: Chiro-Tec

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