VRIPtech Heating Wand (VHW) Review

VRIPtech Heating Wand (VHW) Vaporizer
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February 28th, 2009

VHW or VRIPtech Heating Wand Vaporizer

This review sums up the Pros and Cons of the VHW or VRIPtech Heating Wand. The VHW is a brand new model from VRIPtech and is unique in it's function. Combining the VHW's all glass vapor path with a water tool yields very nice tasting vapor. Read the rest of the review for more info. We at VapeNow.com hope you find it helpful and informative.


  • All glass vapor path.
  • Mimics the traditional ritual of smoking.
  • Modular approach allows you to use your favorite water tool.
  • Untainted flavor.


  • VERY Fragile.
  • Long heat up time.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The VHW or VRIPtech Heating Wand, represents a big change for all the people who would love to vaporize but did not want to give up their water tools or to use bags or whips. The VHW allows you to retrofit any of your water tools so that you can vaporize in the manner that is familiar to you. I have met quite a few patients who thought vaporizing from a hose or bag just wasn’t natural for them and the VHW provides them with a healthy and effective alternative.

Asides from the Vapolution, this is the only other vaporizer with an all glass vapor path. While it has been proven that ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminum are credible heat sources, I believe that glass is the best material to use because it has no chance of off-gassing and delivers the best flavor when it comes to the vapor. It is the same reason high end water tools are not made of ceramic, aluminum, or stainless steel, they all alter taste to a certain extent, no matter how minor it may be.

If you take a closer look at the VHW itself, you will notice a few features that make it a cut above the rest. The heating element is a high powered, ceramic based heating element that is then encapsulated in glass. You will also notice that there are 5 rings just outside the heating element which assist in strengthening the sequential venturi effect. The venturi effect is what gives the VHW greater vaporizing efficiency by first causing the air to swirl and rotate (thus cooking the vaporizing material more evenly) and then the air is forced to compress into a smaller area which speeds up air flow which allows the air to maintain its heat better. A good example of something NOT utilizing the venturi effect would be your stove top. If you hold your hand over one inch over the stove, it feels very hot. When you hold your hand 6 inches over the stove, the sensation of heat is greatly diminished. The venturi effect allows the VHW to keep the heat of the heating element closer to the heat that actually touches the vaporizing material, thus improving vaporizing efficiency.

Enough about the technology, let’s get to the performance aspect. The VHW produces the cleanest and tastiest vapor that I have experienced with any vaporizer. The VHW makes a very tight seal with the VCB (vaporization chamber bowl) intake that connects to your water tool giving you a very high vapor to air ratio. The VRIP PWT (Pro Water Tool) also allows you to add crushed ice which makes the vaporizing experience even more enjoyable. Dry vapor is not as harsh on your throat as smoke, but moisturized vapor is even less harsh. If you want absolutely the cleanest, tastiest, vaporizing experience, look no further than the all glass, modular set up of the VRIP VHW. I have been vaping since 1997 and always loved the all glass VRIP set ups but disliked the heat gun. Now you can have the best of both worlds minus the hideous heat gun.


  • VHW, all glass vapor path heat wand with silicone sleeve to improve thermal mass and reduce accidental burning.
  • VCB, glass vaporization chamber bowl. Available in 9 or 12 mm to slide into any existing water tool.
  • Optional VWT – all glass, vaporizing water tool

Quickstart Guide:

  • Turn VHW to desired setting and let it warm up for 10 minutes. It warms up best if set inside a sturdy, heat-resistant glass or mug
  • Fill the VCB with finely ground tobacco or herbs.
  • Fill the VWT with water and ice (optional).
  • Insert VCB into water tool of choice.
  • Insert VHW into the VCB and inhale slowly.
  • Wait a minute or two between inhales. During this time, replace the VHW in the glass or mug.
  • After 4 or 5 inhalations, stir ground tobacco or herbs around.
  • Re-insert VHW and inhale until vapor is no longer produced.


The VHW itself does not need to be cleaned. The VCB also does not need to be cleaned but changing the screen from time to time will improve airflow. The glass water tool can be cleaned with some isopropyl alcohol.


This is a very user friendly vaporizer but here are a few tips that can help you get the most out of the VHW:
  • Give it a few minutes to warm up, it uses very thick glass with a lot of thermal mass. Once the glass is completely heated, you will notice thicker, richer vapor.
  • Keep the VHW in a heat resistant glass or mug when not inhaling to insulate its heat.
  • Use water and ice! Your throat will thank you for it.
  • Be careful! Glass is the main component in this vaporizer due to the fact that it doesn’t off gas and doesn’t alter the vapor’s flavor. The trade off is that it is very fragile.

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